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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Mar 30, 2011 5:25 PM Flag

    I own 73 positions in my account

    And MMI was the ONLY one down today. Can we fire the incompetent guru and send him back to Mumbai? What a POS CEO!

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    • You and you alone are responsible for your portfolio investments--the decision to buy, to hold and to sell.

      You do understand this, don't you?

    • and you work for for the shorts at minyan or seekin alpha.Right

      feds r at your door

    • InvestmentGuru,

      i wish you the best with all of your positions
      i truly hope you make lots of money on them

      you will make more money on the ups/downs
      if you let civil communications continue here

      you are not changing the share price
      you are only keeping new investors out

      i think you are intelligent enough to see that
      computers control the game
      you maybe change ideas on a few thousand shares
      those get bought by computers
      it doesnt get you closer to $22.50 or $20
      that'll be in the BollingerBands, PressReleases
      luck and timing, etc.
      i think you'll get 20
      but messing things up here, wont help
      it might not hurt either, its just pointless
      it just doesn't do anything
      good luck

      please let us discuss the issues
      then maybe you can make money off our idiocy


      • 1 Reply to sheila.kennedy69
      • There is really nothing to discuss other than the MOT CEO is a POS who is grossly overpaid and seriously incompetent. And why should any of us be civil. When a BoD hires an IDIOT for $110 million, and that IDIOT loses tens of billion in market cap, I think EVERY investor should be calling for his head. He should return to India, avoid eating cows, and go on a gameshow to try to win millions. He certainly is not worthy of an American company's CEO position.

        Sanjay is the entire reason I am short. People inside MOT have said he is personally responsible for wrecking the company and I believe them. Until he's gone, I'm short. With new leadership, I will cover.