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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Mar 30, 2011 7:08 PM Flag

    I own 73 positions in my account

    There is really nothing to discuss other than the MOT CEO is a POS who is grossly overpaid and seriously incompetent. And why should any of us be civil. When a BoD hires an IDIOT for $110 million, and that IDIOT loses tens of billion in market cap, I think EVERY investor should be calling for his head. He should return to India, avoid eating cows, and go on a gameshow to try to win millions. He certainly is not worthy of an American company's CEO position.

    Sanjay is the entire reason I am short. People inside MOT have said he is personally responsible for wrecking the company and I believe them. Until he's gone, I'm short. With new leadership, I will cover.

    • what do you have to gain from this?
      this type of behaviour

      whatever is going to happen
      is going to happen exactly the same way
      even if you never said anything
      the world does not revolve around you

      you will play 73 games at once
      and never understand any of them
      trying to cheat each one
      do you know what happens to those guys?

      the market eats them
      especially when it gets hungry

      regardless of how you're invested
      i dont understand the benefit in lying to people
      it gives you nothing


    • of course...

      and i suppose you will still need
      to explain this to us again
      very adult of you