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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 Apr 20, 2011 8:36 AM Flag

    Started buying again yesterday...

    I was in this heavy around 7.50 pre~breakup of the company and enjoyed the ride up until the split. At that point I decided to exit not caring very much for the breakup itself nor the prices the individual pieces were trading for following all the adjustments that took place.

    Proving that you can't time the market I then missed the run from 30ish to 35.00. That was ok though as I noted when I sold that I saw that range as possible but I was equally if not more concerned about the downside. In any event...downside we've had since the 35 level leading up to yesterdays prices in the low 23's. I did pick up a few shares around 28 and sold some calls on them...but yesterday marks my reentry where I'm again buying in ernest and where I consider this a very good value once again. I think the market cap of this company minus the cash is very compelling for both the name brand that this company carries as well as their two respective businesses...cable boxes/equipment and smartphones.
    I really like where they're going with this and particularly the Atrix in the way it's integrating mobile and home computing..tying it all together. The companies dominance with cable boxes will let that continue further and I think we're quickly heading to where one device pretty much fits all and ties this all in together. And no one is better suited right now to do that than Motorola.

    In terms of price range.I think it's probably back to around 30 or so from here and I see these prices as the low perhaps with 35 again as the upper end of the range for now.

    In any event...good luck to all.

    MMI = Strong buy IMO.

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