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  • dzilber2004 dzilber2004 Aug 29, 2011 9:27 AM Flag

    Why is MMI trading at 38?

    Please don't write your wishful guesses. Please stick to facts. Will be a done deal by end of year, i.e. with-in ~3 months.

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    • GOOG said they expected the deal to close in early 2012. I would think the end of February to the middle of March is probably the likely outcome. I could easily see it going further out. I expect mid January at the earliest. China will take their sweet time.
      TXN buyout of NSM was announced 4/4/11 and was okay'd by the DOJ on May 23. China will take their time on MMI probably too.

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      • scottstheone Aug 30, 2011 3:13 PM Flag

        duh. It's a bit simpler than the above

        It's trading at $38 and lower because:

        1. The economy is bad and investors are selling their holdings (cashing out).

        2. Motorola is NOT Apple.

        3. The deal is NOT a sure thing until it is done. The fat lady has not sung yet.

        4. Motorola has a reputation/branding problem. Their name has been tarnished.

        5. Markets are way overpriced. Expect a fall soon to below 2008 levels. HINT: Jobs and Housing have not improved.

        6. Obama is still president.

        7. Tennessee is still Republican.



        HTH the noobies!