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  • henryalanis henryalanis Jan 13, 2012 10:33 PM Flag

    SanJay - on the way out?

    SJ took over August, 2008. Almost 3.5 years ago, and if not for google's purchase, the shares would be quite low, especially with the Q4 "shortfall".

    Zander was kicked out after 4 years. Could it be that SJ too will be kicked to the curb? Surely he deserves it.

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    • Yes, but his wife swallows!

    • Of course! After engineering a brilliant turnaround at MMI and successfully selling the company to Google for 2x the pre-announcement price Mr Jha will be a vey highly sought after CEO once the acquisition is completed.

      Before Jha arrived at Motorola the plan was for a 'slew of Symbian' devices. Had Jha not come to Motorola this division would have been shuttered 2 years ago at least. The $12 Billion Google is paying is all gravy...

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      • "engineering a brilliant turnaround at MMI" suggests he took a money losing business and turned it into a money maker. I have news for you, MMI is still losing money, even with this tremendous buildout of smart phones. Smart phones and tablets are flying off the shelf (for MMI's competitors) but MMI is still losing money.

        Anyone that suggests Sangay turned this company around is clueless.

        MMI was sold because of the patents, which Sangay had absolutely nothing to do with. Plus it was Icahn who was behind the sale, not Sangay. Sangay is sitting in his new office in the new compound playing with himself, all while the company loses more and more every quarter. Need I remind you again that MMI missed revenue targets buy HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!!!

        Stop fooling yourself, Sangay didn't do anything but go with google android and any moron could have made that decision. But only a moron would be mispricing their products so that they are losing market share and losing money. The guy is a fraud and a clown.

        Nuff said!

      • You are right that Stu Reed wanted all symbian all the time.

        But deciding to use Android wasn't exactly a hard to figure out move.

        And I can't credit SJ for the buyout. He just happened to be in the right place when GOOG decided they needed patents.

        If selling it was such a great, SJ inspired idea, why did he do not so earlier? MOT could have sold off the cell phone group without spinning it off.

        SJ just got lucky. He gets no credit for the sale.

    • Come on he only missed revenues by half a BILLION dollars...

      Sangay and his head of marketing should be publicly flogged for their incompetence.

      They are idiots for pricing the Xoom at $800 when it was introduced.

      They are idiots for pricing the new droids at $299 (with contract).

      They are idiots for releasing the bionic many months late then making it out of date a couple months later by releasing the razr ($299 with contract).

      Motorola is run by a bunch or idiots that don't give a crap because they will be abandoning ship when goog takes over.