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  • rcunj rcunj Aug 9, 2011 3:28 PM Flag

    No, headed back to mid-thirties ...........

    I don't trust Emerson management myself but I trade the stock cautiously. You however sound like a disgruntled employee.

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    • I am a wall street gangster of stocks. I paint the true picture of a corporations financials, I am in no way associated with a stock, I would totally stay away from any stock if that were the case. Many of these corporations were strong but have been milked dry on paper. No financing or capital is available to these corporations.

      When I see Cramer state on cnbc that the corporate Balance Sheets are strong, I realize that he is a paid propagandis, Balance Sheets have never look so bad.

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      • A “gangster”, eh? Probably a good tag for you. As everyone knows, a “gangster” is just a mindless punk that does not have the mental acuity for independent rational thought and expresses himself in gutless forms of random hate and violence. The only thing a “gangster” cares about is himself, although he doesn’t have a clue how to truly engage in any enterprise that would tend to positively promote his own wellbeing.

        Hey clownboy, why don’t you get a real job and earn a living instead of playing make-believe on this board?

      • thisaliasonly2talk2dummies thisaliasonly2talk2dummies Aug 10, 2011 4:24 AM Flag

        Consider a company that has productive assets. Using those assets creates products that are sold for more than their cost. This brings in cash -- positive cash flow. And suppose the company does this year after year. Further suppose the company doesn't have much debt.

        Now consider the stock of the company. It goes up and down, up and down, generally up, but sometimes sharply down.

        Now consider bankers. You are saying that if the stock of such a company drops low enough ($40 for EMR), that bankers won't lend to the company? Well, they will, because cash flow is strong, and all that the bankers care about as regards the company, is Can The Company Pay Back the Loan?. It matters not that the stock fluctuates or is at a 12-month low.

        So you see, you are a know-nothing when it comes to how business loans work in the real world.

      • Wow you are a genius Mr. Gangster...where did you learn your balance sheet accounting...U of Phoenix?

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