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  • nonymous98 nonymous98 Jun 6, 2012 5:20 AM Flag

    Is anyone out there?

    No posts since 5/24? Guess we’re all asleep. This latest price slide is a nightmare from which we need to awaken, though. I cannot just dismiss it as Emerson merely “following the market”.

    This is not your father’s Emerson. Over many years CFK carefully built a balanced corporate structure, staffed Emerson’s companies with seasoned professionals who earned their chops over many years of working their way up through the organization, and ran it with a management model that was focused, efficient, and second to none. DNF (interesting enough, also a motorsport acronym for “did not finish”), in a little over 10 years, has scrambled, imbalanced and confused the corporate structure, staffed the companies with a bunch of wet behind the ears MBA types whose only prior business experience has been as analyst toadies at the corporate office, and runs it with a flavor of the year, inconsistent buzzword-driven mentality befitting of the immense egos that now monetarily benefit while the corporation and stockholders languish.

    As the stock continues to shed value, it is probably worth picking up shares in advance of the inevitable buyout that will be brought forth by a share price whose vulnerability begs for such action.

    Any thoughts?

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