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  • TumescentJohnson TumescentJohnson Oct 21, 2003 10:40 PM Flag

    WHY the drop?????? eom

    I can't figure out what is happening to this stock. They have a very positive conference call with good guidance and the stock price tanks. Down over 7% today and well over 10% over the last few days. What the hell. The only thing I can see is that St Jude Medical was downgraded because they are behind their competition in a newer heart treatment-- but I have no idea if that has anything to do with this or not. There is no news from the company.. I don't get it.

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    • Listening closely to the conference call I can only suspect that the lower than forecasted European sales for the Tri Active system ($1 mill instead of $2 to 3 Mill), plus the slower summer enrollment into the U.S. Tri Activ studies which may translate into a later launch date (plus now sales ramp up estimates in the U.S. may be suspect because of the slower Euro adoption rate) continuing to move up the royalty rate cut for the Angio Seal from 9% to 6%...all must have made some of the larger holders feel this was dead money for a year or so, until the growth rate can be proven to be sustainable.....they've had a high P/E because their growth rate in earnings has been excellent and above expectations, now near term expectations might be questionable...Long term I would buy more here, and see this as a smartly managed, with a very creative and inventive R&D staff that knows the market niches they can fill best...All great little companies fall from the markets grace from time to time, and that presents wonderful opportunities to those who can see the underlying strengths and value of the corporation. Good luck...

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      • snow_globes2001,

        Your analysis was very elightening. As I am new to this board the stock caught my eye on their revenue growth, excellent balance sheet, and potential of new products yet to hit market.

        Having studied the 10-K, I was just about to pull the trigger and buy some in my wife's roth ira when I glanced down at the Investor's Business Daily and noticed the low relative strength of KNSY. At this point I was wondering why a company with double digit growth (and very good potential for continued growth) and an excellent balance sheet has little to no support in it's stock price.

        Your post has enlightened me, however what was the cause of the lower than forecasted European sales of the Tri Active system? Could you further enlighten me?



      • Thank you for the responses. Glad I bought in yesterday on the dip.