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  • drmarc_99 drmarc_99 Aug 26, 2004 6:30 PM Flag

    S & P Here we come, shorts better

    cover. Look at the balance sheet.
    Kensey Nash Corp. (NASD: KNSY - News) will replace Wet Seal Inc. (NASD: WTSLA - News)
    in the S&P SmallCap 600 after the close of trading on Tuesday, August 31, 2004.

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    • away from the computer for a day, but thanks very much for the suggestion and I'm looking into it.

    • dawalk44 - This suggestion is now up over 40% at 14.75 on great news! Hope you got in. Much more to come

    • Spend the time and research CEP.V Ceramic Protection Corp. You will see the growth and a very promising future as well. It is traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange(for now). I think a move to a major exchange may be behind the reason for such an early release of the latest Q results. Very early. Revs double, earnings almost double: Revenues for the third quarter ended July 31, 2004 were $8,280,000 up from $6,322,000 achieved in the second quarter and double the $4,133,000 achieved in the comparable period in 2003.

      Net income for the quarter was $1,162,000 or $0.17 per share and net income for the nine month period stands at $2,958,000 or $0.43 per share. As a result of strong market conditions these results are much higher than the net income of $587,000 or $0.09 per share in the comparable quarter in 2003 and the $1,594,000, or $0.24 per share, achieved in the comparable nine month period in 2003.

      Best part: This earnings release was early and took me by surprise. Why was it early? I dunno. I think there is something in the works here very big. I have several ideas but they are only speculation. One is that they will file to be listed on an american exchange. In correspondence with the CEO I asked that question directly and in both cases he answered other questions but would not even touch that one. All he had to say was, 'no, not at this time' if that were not the case.

      A knowledgeable poster, 'windsurfar' at stockhouse dot com has some other ideas as well.

      There is some really nice prospects for this company.

      I am long with KNSY and think it is also a good place to be.

    • Sure Use THEM !!! I'm waiting for Sept. the 13th and around there I'm buying back in. I sold all my Dell which may not have been the smartest thing I've ever done. Then I bought some PGH and the rest I'm waiting. It's burning a hole in my pocket, but KNSY did catch my eye.

    • The market technicals are not good for continued upside to the market - be be very selective and fast on your feet.

      Michael Belkin has been saying that the Market will test it's 2002 lows - and so far he's been right.

      However, if you look at how KNSY performed during the Bear market you've just got to smile. Provided you picked your entry points correctly that is.

      KNSY has been in a 5 year up trend. But unlike other growth stocks, it hasn't grown multiple hundreds of percent in that time. If you traded correctly and used volatility to your advantage, you most probably made good money.

      Another stock you might want to look at is CRDN. They've just received several new orders from the Army and Marines for light weight ceramic body armor that are not yet in the stock price. It's got a stronger sustained up trend than KNSY, and it has not been quite as volatile.


    • I'd go very long on KNSY if I were you...this is the place TO BE!

    • Can anybody tell me what is imact/importance/significance of getting admitted to the small cap 600 club.

      Thanks in Advance