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  • nicho91 nicho91 Aug 30, 2006 10:56 PM Flag

    Squidword's injuries

    For those of you who don't view the migrant BMRC colony on, here's a copy of a recent post there from Zipperfoot re. a longtime contributor to this board:
    "For any of you so disposed, SW is in great need of prayers for healing. As he was preparing for Ernesto and putting up his shutters, the ladder on which he was standing fell backwards and upon hitting the ground broke his back and his right wrist, causing unemployment for a minimum of at least 4 months. I don't know when he will be able to post again. No driving. Car has a stick shift. No writing. No keyboarding. ZF"
    So we're praying for your swift recovery,SW, here too. nicho

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    • To all of you who are familiar with the postings of SW: he has been transfered as of Friday evening to a nursing home facility where he hopes to receive physical therapy in the healing of the broken wrist and back. Needless to say, he is greatly depressed over the fact he was informed he could be there for 4 months which means he will undoubtedly lose his job and consequently the cancellation of his current insurance program. Seems it is a rolling stone of problems.

      As of tonight, I do not have an address of the nursing home, but only a phone number. I will attempt to get the address yet this Labor Day weekend for those who wish to send cards which would be so greatly appreciated along with continued prayers for his recovery.

      SW is a tall and large man which means it takes a strong nurse to handle him to put on his back brace to enable him to walk. We are grateful that he can and has walked, but still does not have bathroom privileges. Being a holiday weekend, the therapy will not begin until Tuesday and I imagine it will be a most difficult day getting all those already sore muscles back into action. The wrist has yet to have the corrective surgery of pins or whatever and has not been done this entire week due to too much swelling. That is why he is totally unable to help himself with bathing, putting on the back brace, etc. And to think he was going to spend this holiday weekend with me. Ah, we never know what tomorrow is going to bring for us.

      Please continue with your prayers. They are sorely needed.


    • Thank you Nicho, for the information. How can I send a card ? Does anyone have his phone number? Our prayers, of course.


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