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  • capp013 capp013 Sep 16, 2008 3:04 PM Flag

    This market is so funny the sky is falling

    there will many weak banks poor performing banks dumb banks stupid greedy bankers banks real estate broker and stock brokers who sold everyone trash garbage who took advantage of the working poor and blue collar and white collar scraping out a living even the middle and upper middle class.

    Give them what they want not what they can really afford. pump up the prices and make a fat commission on the sale and the mortgage and the insurance and the inspection and everything else you suck the life out of the consumer. then you sold trash as gold to banks and the fannie and freddie. Angelo the Countrywide Mozillo the 21st Century Al Capone had Democrat Christopher dodd Chairman of the Senate Banking committiee in his pocket and Nancy Pelosi,too plus both the chairmen of Fannie and Freddie MAC. He pushed thru the repeal of the Glass Steagal Act which separated banking and investment banks... to avoid another depression protect the public from stock and bank failures and market crashes. so what happen when you repeal something that was supposed to protect the public, if happened again. DUH your elected officials some one you can trust. THrow the BUMS out all of them socialist populists who feel your pain and we get our gains. as your expenses with tax tax tax.

    brilliant democratic s brilliant they are as crooked as a dogs leg. every scum bag democratic house member and senator too. the left wing of america another word for communists who oppress steal and dominate..

    Welcome to the Democratic free third world of America the Democracy of Corrupt Politician When will we learn when will we learn,.

    bank of Marin has no unsecured or leverage garbage in their portfolio to best of my knowledge adn iask ansd id due diligence before i invested my money.
    After all I am from Sicily if they screw me i;m gonna have my uncle Guido the sociopath break both legs...

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    • Banks opened the door but consumers made the choice to step in because they were just as greedy as the banks. Banks wanted their margins & consumers wanted their 100% real estate returns. Risk vs. return, no insurance for idiots. Shareholders of banks lost 85-90% where consumers only lost 20% of their home value.

      Blame is shared all around.

    • i think the management of this company along with the board, is top notch and very straight forward. the bank is conservative, and in a market that has immense wealth. they will continue to obtain market share from larger banks, and their customer service is extraordinary as well. I am a satisfied customer and bullish shareholder on this bank.

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