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  • wowzer12345 wowzer12345 Jan 18, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    Bottom Line

    Platinum Studios, is just like a comic itself, with highs and lows, and fictional characters, sub plots,Sabotage ,intrigue, and the who done it, with no SEX APPEAL at all.

    After reading the latest SPAT from the Platinum Studios "SAND BOX", It is so obvious that we as share holders, have been dealing with the disabilty of a very DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILY, and group of highly insecure, immature, irrisponsible, irrational, self serving, legends in THEIR own minds, who seem to have lost the ability for rational thought processes.

    Based on the evidence from the latest blow up with the he said she said, back to he said, it is quite evident that Platinum is spinning out of control, and can only hope for a soft landing, and can be sold off at garage sale prices.

    IMO only, I, feel that the only saving grace here is that the potential of all of the Characters That are supposed to be owned by Mr. Scott, can and will be bought out in the future, and can be turned into viable products themselves , or auctioned off in pieces for real studios to buy and develope.

    I compare my investment in this "COMPANY" to like tossing a silver dollar into the air during a tornado, and hoping to be able to catch it back, in my hand.

    All of this is my own opinion of course, so do your own DD

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    • Dog #$%$ can also be made into a movie provided there are great writers and execution. Any IP this company owns will likely be sold off at basement prices. Just another example of total misuse of power within the OTC market. I'm surprised the SEC didn't halt trading.

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