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  • jh123457 jh123457 Jun 27, 2005 11:02 AM Flag

    bad news indian...

    why are you posting here if you do not believe in the stock?

    do you think there will be fewer prisoners in the future, or more!?

    how about the affect of homeland security?

    how about the emphasis on providing for mentally ill?

    how about treatments for the mentally ill/ drug users, in house?

    the stock has lost 1/4 of its value, so isnt some of this news factored in already?

    I just bought some.
    my historical info, and the nature of man, esp in the usa tells me prisons are sadly a good place to invest. and most likely these cicilian caretakers will lobby washington for stricter enforcement, longer sentences, and MORE laws. plus the economy is slowing, more crime, summer is coming, more crime, things are looking bad for the USA families, many will turn to drugs.
    politicians will try to move state budget items to another pocket of money, to make it look like they are saving the state money. plus, counties/cities can share facility costs, along with fed programs.
    if this stock cant make 27-28 by years end then we need a whole new crop of managers!

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    • I'm posting because I feel like the guy who is watching smoke coming from the top floor of the building across the street. "Fire," he hollers. It's a public service, and I've been following this industry long enough to know what smoke smells like.

      GEO just announced buying CSC, with its $124 million in debt. CSC has an eight figure judgment outstanding against it in Texas. I assume GEO counted all or some part of that as assumable debt. They say that juveniles aren't their core biz. So whose biz is it? Who will they unload this to? Cornell? CRN has a long empty kiddie pen in Berks County, PA and abandoned another they operated in South Dakota. GEO has their empty juvie sitting at Jena, Louisiana, scene of Governor Edwards first outing that left him in the pen himself. GEO appears to be giving up on their juvie joint in Baldwin, MI. CCA is too smart (barely) to get into the racket. This looks like a bad buy. Dump the management? Sure. That's what Pirate did to Cornell. But won't solve the core problem. There isn't any captain that can keep these ships off the rocks.

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      • GEO is going to give the juvie portion to Slattery (CEO) of CSC for a bargain of $4m.

        The problem with this buy is that Zoley wants to make an aquisition at all costs. He promised his company a few years ago that they will be a billion dollar company and he will make it so, even if it kills GEO.

        Remember, Zoley's only concern is his pocket. Look at the massive bonus he gets for not growing the company. I am sure the board will reward him for this purchase.

        GEO has been looking at buying all kinds of companies in the last two years and got nowhere. CSC was a last resort, desperate buy.

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