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  • jh123457 jh123457 Jul 15, 2005 3:22 PM Flag

    28, must have some believers!

    They claim this will increase Geo's rev by 15% annual, right? does this sound reasonable?

    maybe juvey prisoners come with alot of overhead vs normal institution?
    I thought SD would be full by 3rd qtr, guess not. thought it temp for sure??

    I like the federal plays.

    also, no one is talking much about potential mental hospital plays????

    well, getting close to 28 I "took some off the table" so my guru Cramer wouldnt call me a HOG!
    its not a profit til its sold!

    but Im looking for another entry point!
    26 looks good to me.

    now I am not tryin to justify the right-wrong of giving up on juvy situation. remember though, turning over prisons to commericial companyies brings about a new set of values/goals. GEO wants to retain/increase prisoners/(products) the states "supposed' goal was always to rehab/release. rehab/release is contra-productive vs GEO's bottom-line! if states /feds include "standards" in regards to juvy rehab, then I understand why geo is not interested in that sector. they actually want MORE product(prisoners) held for longer terms!!!!
    they will be pac'ing congress for more and tougher laws, to increase body count/profits!!! by their nature they are ANTI reform/rehab!
    well, lets hope 25.50 or 26 is just a day away
    remember, its not a profit til ya sell.

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