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  • jh123457 jh123457 Jul 29, 2005 8:25 PM Flag

    'splain this, GEO fans!

    I am suggesting this stock BECAUSE of the nature of the republicans, and money, and corruption.

    it WILL happen, yestyerday, today, AND tomorrow.

    republicans = money, power, corruption.
    remember, their agenda is the opposite of the state's! they want MORE prisoners, more services, more make MORE MONEY!

    wait until they lobby for more laws, and longer sentences! and bogus services, fake-rehab programs!
    they WILL bribe, this is america! corruption capitol of the world!
    this is how business is done! bribe politicians, over and over.
    you should BUY more stock on temporary corrections.
    turning over the penal system to a corp LOL what did you THINK would happen?
    look for good ole boy hirings, "services" contracts to the local rich guys, etc.
    once you seed your garden with these guys, they'll be impossible to get rid of!
    ben franklin said to be a peesimist, and be pleasantly surprised. I DOUBT ben was often surprised by mankind!
    the message here is, even the honest/good people of the world can make money from the overwhelming corruption of business. then ,if you want, give your profits to charity.
    But, don't spit into the wind.
    invest in this company, and you will make money, lots and lots of money.

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    • johncsd Jul 30, 2005 7:11 PM Flag

      First of all scandals are not limited to either republicans or democrats. Money and poor use of state funds is a practice as old as goverments themselves.
      It is easy to have a audit and claim there is malfeasence when your state funds are dwindling. GEO is headquarted in FLA with the required amount of politicians. My guess is that state budgets is short and now time to blame someone else.
      I am curious as to how this going to work out.
      But for the weak minded conspiracy types this will give you something to complain about for the week anyway

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      • listen..... I personally know most of all the "big wigs" up there in geo happens to be my ex-father-in-law..... he and all the guys in that "executive office" are straight shooters believe it or not! I have never met people who are more honest when it comes to owing, and makning good on things that may be honest it used to make me ssick.... I am sure they will figure it out....... Wayne Calabrese and George Zoley have worked hard to bild geo into what it is today... believe me I saw it first hand....This is no small business they are running.... they cannot get away with much these days, due to stricter laws federally!

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