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  • This company has been doing well over the last few years but now they are going into a difficult phase. The company is not going to grow much by bidding on contracts, they are doing enough of that. Zoley wants to grow this company at all costs, therefor the purchase of CSC. This was a desperate step and resulted in the purchase of a really bad company. CSC is full of potential pitfalls and this is going to cost GEO dearly. The problem with Zoley is that he will do anything to increase his compensation package and the board is too willing to help him. That is why he is getting a larger package than other CEO's in this industry, not because he deserves it. His salary/bonus and his retirement deal is going to be very expensive for GEO. The executives in GEO does not respect Zoley at all, they are all too scared of him and that they will follow the path of Carol Brown (former SVP of Health). O sorry, she is still on the payroll, but has not been in the office since last year.

    Not a bad company to work for if you keep on Zoley's good side.

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