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  • jh123457 jh123457 Jan 6, 2006 11:16 PM Flag


    I thought this was a good sector.
    with State budget's tightening, i felt the states would hide the costs of prisons by using indirect costs, contract it out!
    I thought republicans in charge of the govt would result in stricter enforcement of laws, ANDDD more laws, tougher laws, tougher drug laws. more incarcerations.
    not to mention, potential addtional treatments which GGI has been looking into. all the left wing approaches to solutions. treatment is more expensive/profitable than simply locking em up! Potential!
    Crime. Rise in US poverty! Separation of haves/have nots. Society ripe for lawlessness. and the new Homeland security.
    But poor baby...your parents have spoiled you, as in, made you useless, LESS than what you can be. Potential FRAUD, or borderline this-that. I am foresaking you. AND I have only me to blame/credit.
    speaking of credit, your management is ruining YOURS! and your POTENIAL!
    Stocks go up on potential, real potenial. BUT, GGI, you have more DOWN SIDE than upside.
    I've lost faith in your managers.
    I am dropping you from my watch list.

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