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  • manboking manboking Dec 30, 1997 1:25 PM Flag

    Historical Pespective necessary

    Purchased WHC on IPO on 8/94 for 6.00, sold it two years later at
    45.00, purchased it again in April and May (double bottom) of 97'
    for 16.00, both times and sold it at 36.00 on Oct.97'; Bougth it back at 22.00 last week and looking to double my money soon

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    • Obama Sees a Middle Class Tax of $I.7 Trillion Increase as a Victory read this and vote for Obama if you like it.

      –Obamacare law contains 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses–

      The Largest Tax Hike in US History has just been upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States and President Obama sees this assault on the middle class as a victory.

      The already unpopular 2010 health care reform law has been converted by the court into a $1.76 trillion tax increase funded by escalating taxes to be paid the vast majority of taxpayers. The high court’s ruling leaves in place 20 tax increases in the health-care law, of those, 12 tax hikes would affect families earning less than $250,000 per year, including a “Cadillac tax” on high-cost insurance plans, a tax on insurance providers, and an excise tax on medical device manufacturers. By formally converting ‘Obamacare’ into ‘Obamatax,’ the court allows Obama to raise taxes on the middle-class.

      The decision is a distressing blow to taxpayers and represents the single largest tax increase on young people in the nation’s history. When it takes full effect, the Internal Revenue Service will have immense new power and authority to persecute and prosecute a whole new group of taxpayers.

      If the law takes full effect, it will devastate small businesses and destroy any chance for a sustainable economic recovery. It will add trillions of dollars to the national debt and push the country toward bankruptcy even faster than current projections. Any individual who believes that
      this decision must be overturned must do everything possible to undo the damage that has been done, especially at the ballot box on November 6.

    • IPO on 8/1994 from $6.00 to $45.00 in 24 months.
      Double bottom 4/ & 5/97' from $16.00 to $36.00 in 5 months.
      December 22/97 from $22.00 to $xxxxx in xx months.

      Care to guess how high and how fast?
      I say $40.50 by May of 1998.
      Reprinted from Dec. 30th, 1997
      Original Author: Manboking

    • Two days ago loaded up on CPV (Correctional
      Trust) at 14.00,
      the yield was over 10 percent, just
      could not resist the temptation.
      Now I got equal
      positions in WHC and CPV and spliting the dividend between
      the two provides me 5 percent, while I seat, and wait
      for the rotation in to High Growth Mid-Caps continues
      and away from yesterdays leaders.

    • NEWS

      Published Tuesday, August 10,
      1999, in the Miami Herald

      Inmates say they
      had sex with guards
      Work-release center plagued
      with problems
      Herald Staff

      A look at past incidents

      Broward County Work Release Center, 3900 N.
      Powerline Rd., in unincorporated Broward near Pompano
      Operated by: Wackenhut Corp.


      Number currently at center (as of Friday):

      Number currently working (as of Friday):

      Employees: 67 Wackenhut, 2 Broward Sheriff's
      Office, 7 DUI personnel.

      At the Broward
      County Work Release Center run by the Wackenhut company
      under contract with the county, allegations of sex
      between inmates and jailers have become commonplace, as
      have ''walk-away'' escapes.

      Since the facility
      opened in February 1998, five Wackenhut employees have
      either resigned or been terminated amid allegations they
      developed improper relationships, including sex, with
      inmates under their supervision.

      One inmate said
      she was ''stalked'' by an administrator, who sent her
      20 sexually explicit letters -- some on Wackenhut
      stationery -- in the span of a month, then showed up at her
      job site suggesting she join him on a beach

      After walking away, she surrendered -- but at a
      different detention center.

      The administrator
      resigned after a Broward sheriff's deputy confronted him
      with the steamy letters.

      Another inmate said
      she was forced to perform sex acts on a staffer in
      the kitchen area of the work-release center. The
      state attorney's office declined to prosecute for
      ''lack of material or corroborating

      After a corrections supervisor was accused of having
      sex with an inmate, the two married, thwarting
      efforts to have her testify against him.
      ''We've seen
      a pattern there,'' said Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne,
      whose office is charged with monitoring the county's
      five-year, $23 million contract with Wackenhut, one of the
      world's largest security firms. ''They have responded to
      our suggestions, but the problem is it keeps on

      Lee A. Jackson, an 11-year Wackenhut
      veteran who runs the work-release center, concedes that
      the facility has had problems. He said any
      investigations were initiated by Wackenhut and not BSO as soon
      as the company learned of the

      ''We don't sweep things up under the rug,'' Jackson
      said. ''When we find out about it, we take immediate

      Wackenhut manages numerous prisons around the country, but
      this is its first experience with a work-release
      center, Jackson said.

      Sent to the center by BSO,
      inmates are paired with jobs through a job bank. Some
      drive themselves to work; others are transported by
      van. Except for furloughs, inmates are only allowed
      out of the center only to go to work.

      Wackenhut was recently awarded the contract to build a new
      women's jail in the Pompano Beach area. Wackenhut wanted
      to run that facility also, but the county preferred
      to have BSO in charge.

      The work-release
      center at 3900 N. Powerline Rd., in unincorporated
      Broward near Pompano Beach, is supposed to be a place
      where small-time criminals serve out their sentences in
      a relaxed co-ed atmosphere -- no barbed-wire
      fences, no jail cells, no armed guards. Inmate quarters
      resemble hotel rooms.

    • The upper Bollinger 20 day line is rising,

      and now at 29.30,
      this band will rule the current
      past the 1998 high of 31.
      From there on
      the next resistance points
      are at 36, and at 45
      (all time high).

    • Depends on how you determine PE. Based on trailing 12 months earnings, PE is approx 25, about the same as projected five year growth rate.

    • Just go to there all there search the archives all news everyday GO GEORGE W.

    • ACLU sues for records of state prison run by


      Associated Press Newswires
      Copyright 1999. The
      Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

      BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Wackenhut Corrections Corp.
      refused to hand over internal records because they are
      critical of
      how the company is running the state
      prison in South Bay, the ACLU
      said in a lawsuit
      filed Friday.

      The American Civil Liberties
      Union is seeking to compel Wackenhut to
      turn over
      results from internal investigations, evaluations,
      personnel files,
      warden memos and other records from
      South Bay Correctional

      lawsuit claims Wackenhut is trying to cover up records of
      harassment, abuse of prisoners and other
      allegations at the western
      Palm Beach County facility by
      ignoring two written requests for the

      Wackenhut should be subject to the public records law -
      prevents government agencies from denying public
      access - because it
      "has completely assumed the
      Department of Corrections' governmental
      obligations to
      incarcerate and provide rehabilitative services to adult


      Also, Wackenhut is earning excessive profits at
      the South Bay facility
      "as the result of a poorly
      written contract for the operation of this facility

      at the State's (taxpayers') expense," the lawsuit

      The ACLU did not name its client in the lawsuit,
      which was filed in
      Palm Beach Circuit Court. ACLU
      attorney Frank Kreider did not
      immediately return a
      call for comment.

      Pat Cannan, spokesman for
      the Palm Beach Gardens-based
      Wackenhut, said he
      could not comment because the lawsuit was
      In the past, he noted, Wackenhut has refused a
      request for
      medical records from a facility it runs
      in Arkansas.

      Increasingly, states are trying
      to save money by privatizing correctional

      facilities. At least 18 states have moved to privatize some
      portion of
      their prisons, from maximum security
      facilities to rehabilitation centers
      with minimum
      security, Cannan said.

      Wackenhut currently runs
      facilities in Florida at South Bay and Moore


      Florida Department of Corrections spokesman Gene
      Morris did not
      immediately return a call for comment

      The ACLU settled a similar lawsuit last month
      against Correctional
      Service Corp., which runs the
      Pahokee Youth Development Center for
      the state
      Department of Juvenile Justice.

      The corporation
      agreed to release thousands of pages of records

      concerning the treatment of children held at the detention
      facility. It also
      agreed to pay the ACLU and attorney
      Kreidler $11,400 in costs and

    • Thanks for the kind words on my contracting
      Triangle scenario, manboking. It sounds like you also
      noticed the same formation!!!

      I have been tracking
      the triangle for over a year, and it just seems to be
      playing out so well. Almost too well ...

      You are
      so right about your market comments. This market
      rally has been one of the thinnest on record. It looks
      like some other forces are at work.

      I really
      believe that what we have been seeing is a year 2000
      phenomenon. As a student of psychology, I realize that human
      being are attracted to large, even numbers. They
      actually gravitate towards these numbers in psycological
      terms. The positive psychological forces are very
      strong, as we approach the year 2000 ... This as always
      will be a prelude to a
      major mood


      Later ... Francesco

    • Absolutely correct,
      the "on balance volume"
      now at 29.00
      while the stock trades at 20.00,

      wonder if this divergence
      will ever be resolved and

      when it does resolve
      should place the stock at a
      P/E of 41,
      since that is the company's growth
      over the past 5 years,
      rather than the
      lower p/e
      currently sported.

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