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  • manboking manboking Dec 30, 1997 1:25 PM Flag

    Historical Pespective necessary

    Purchased WHC on IPO on 8/94 for 6.00, sold it two years later at
    45.00, purchased it again in April and May (double bottom) of 97'
    for 16.00, both times and sold it at 36.00 on Oct.97'; Bougth it back at 22.00 last week and looking to double my money soon

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    • IPO on 8/1994 from $6.00 to $45.00 in 24 months.
      Double bottom 4/ & 5/97' from $16.00 to $36.00 in 5 months.
      December 22/97 from $22.00 to $xxxxx in xx months.

      Care to guess how high and how fast?
      I say $40.50 by May of 1998.
      Reprinted from Dec. 30th, 1997
      Original Author: Manboking

    • Using fair value of 28.50 per share accorning to
      While the stock consolidates above 27.50, has good

      implications for re-attaining year high of 30.00 from
      low of 15.00, in the short term. Intermediate run

      may carry on to 36.00 (resistance level),and on long

      term basis to 45.00 (old time high).

    • WHC earnings estimtes lowered

      called first analysis hacked next years earnings
      estimate by $.05 based on new guidance from the company.
      think news is not really disseminated by mkt. yet. at
      this multiple, WHC definitely susceptible to earnings
      revisions. also, first downward revision usually not the
      last, and in concert w/ insider sales, seems
      suspicicious. my guess is other more widely followed firms do
      same thing soon and more people catch the

      my opinion.

    • Solomon Smith and Barney initiated coverage
      today of Wackenthunt Corrections with a top
      billing to Outperform the market.

    • Rainseed.....Earnings estimates are reduced from
      0.76 to 0.71, at a rate of growth of 40 percent, and a
      P.E. of the same, comes out to a fair value of $28.40.
      Institutions had profits and if you look at the volume for the
      last two days some of them got out. They could not
      stand a little bad news. Today the volume looks normal,
      so apparently the selling has subsided. Some more
      selling to be done by individuals, but ultimately this is
      a non-event, since this is a long term growth stock
      and the selling can be equated with selling Microsoft
      in its infancy.

    • Nov. 11th..850 beds in San Diego,Calif. 20
      million annually.
      Nov. 16th. 520 beds in
      Cleveland,Tex. 6.3 million annually
      Nov. 29th, 2000
      monitoring (U.K.) 25 million annually
      Dec. 1st. 800 beds
      in the (U.K.) 16 million annually
      Dec. 8th. 800
      beds in Valverde, Tex. 14 million annually
      14th. 300 beds in Lawton, Ok. 4.3 million

      The total revenue annually comes out to 85.6 million

      dollars, added since the last quarterly report dated

      Oct. 22nd. Not bad for future earnings Eh..?

    • Want to learn more about how to value
      well then this neat site may just be the
      that you are looking


      Draw your own conclusions and
      then you will
      realize that this
      stock below 25.00 is a buy not a

    • Josenthal and Company, and
      Smith Barney this
      month independently
      ranked WHC as a buy and to
      outperform the market.
      Remember this stock has no asian
      flue exposure,
      is not an internet stock of
      astronomical P.E.
      and sells on fundamental valuation

      past performance growth rate, and on a
      very brigth
      future ahead based on the fact
      that only 7 percent
      of the prisions in the U.S.
      have been
      And the company still remains debt free.

    • Happy New Year to All in this message
      This morning visited a Research site, called
      Found much financial data about WHC, along with some
      interesting data. i.e. 133 institutions hold 31.7
      of the stock, this does not count the 50
      some percent held
      by the parent company
      Wackenthunt Corporation (WAK).
      Therefore the float or
      amount of stock available for trade
      is not very
      large, rather thin for a company of this size
      600 million capitalization.

    • The upper Bollinger 20 day line is rising,

      and now at 29.30,
      this band will rule the current
      past the 1998 high of 31.
      From there on
      the next resistance points
      are at 36, and at 45
      (all time high).

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