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  • as32164 as32164 May 1, 1998 5:25 PM Flag

    WHC 1997 Annual Report

    I disagree, why? Well it seems to me when ever
    CCA does something it's just a matter of time WHC
    will follow down the road. I own both stocks and when
    one splits the other splits, too. Ect....I feel once
    they will see how this deal goes through with CCA they
    do the same. I first I thought this would be a bad
    thing for CCA but now I don't. The message board on CCA
    is great information on Prison Reit's I highly
    recommend you to read it so you really understand it. I
    sure did and now going to buy more!Might take 9mos. to
    year but they do it. They just see how CCAdoing and if
    it's good.....or bad....will make the finally .But I'm
    willing to bet they will do it. Time will tell.

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    • When, i stated that whc would not merge with
      their reit,
      this was not my opinion . This was a
      statement made
      by the CEO, of whc.. but anything can
      happen down the road.
      As far as cca merger is
      concerned the problem is not so much
      as cca becoming a
      reit that may not be such a bad thing.
      THE problem
      is that i as well as other finacial analyst
      pointed out and is also the cause of a number of class
      suites that have been filed is that CCA share
      holders are not
      being fairly compensated in the deal..
      and board members are forming two
      private management
      companies , one of which we will
      not be compensated for at all
      as the lawsuite
      states..i wll post more on cca board...

    • I've been following both companies CCA and WHC.
      Please explain why CCA basically un-did its spin off.
      Was it just to generate legal and accounting fees and
      sell some part of itself to the public. The movement
      in price did not help overall.

      Why sell off
      the r/e to the REIT and then become part of the REIT?
      Would have been cheaper to do it as a one-step
      transaction reorganizing or selling some shares on a

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