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  • hartstoc hartstoc Jul 6, 1998 11:30 PM Flag


    Interesting action today. Seems that there were a
    lot of holders ready to sell but plenty of buyers to
    come in on the little dab of good news and hold up the
    price. This stock, without doubt, is undervalued at the
    present time. Today IO told me that 54% is held by WAK
    and only 30% by institutions, with very little held
    by WHC insiders. That means that it is on the
    shoulders of individual investors to help this stock back
    STRONG WILLED AND HOLD FOR A WHILE!! the sector is out
    of favor thanks to the idiots at CCA, who cost many
    of us dearly, but that could change quickly with a
    short stretch of upward movement.

    I'd love for
    someone to tell me how full of s--- I am, this is the
    deadest board I've ever seen!

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    • When CCA spun off their REIT and then folded
      their primary operations into the REIT, it confused
      everybody that was watching. Personally, I think they made
      the move to hinder WHC's REIT spinoff, but didn't
      realize the overall negative impact it was going to have
      on their own stock value.

      Having the
      operations in the REIT gives CCA some tax advantages which
      makes them a bit more competative, but they stubbed
      their toe trying to kick WHC in the butt.

      was another off day....let's hope it improves for all
      of us.

    • Take a look at the numbers CRN @ CSCQ have done
      better than the others as for as stock price but how
      manny new contracts have they gotten lately (inwhich
      they did not buy or take over) WHC and CCA have
      actually been AWARDED new contracts, my opinion for what
      its worth is CCAs merger scared the shit out of
      everyone and everyone is sitting tight right


    • Look at others in this industry...CCA, CSCQ,
      etc...and I think you'll see a general trend. Overall, most
      of the companies in this sector who are worth
      anything are reporting good results, but stock values
      continue to be slack. It was this way early in 1997. In
      fact, the stock was in the range of 16 then (and a
      terrific buy), but it bounced back strong and by
      September/October 1997 it was in the 30+ range.

      This sector
      will catch fire again eventually. The target price I'm
      hearing from the analysts is still about $34, but it's
      been that way for a couple of months and is in
      reverse. I hope this is a good buying opportunity, cause
      I'll be getting more if it dips much further.

      Good luck.

    • It's like tying to catch a falling knife. I keep
      buying at lower and lower prices, but it keeps falling.
      Does anyone have any insight to why this is happening?
      Is it the sector in general or is there something
      that is underlying that is driving the stock price
      down that I'm not seeing? I'm with Prudential and they
      tell me to buy. I've done fairly well in the market,
      except WHC has baffled me. Any help would be


    • Yahoo has that information, or you can go to Zacks for more details or even buy individual reports.

    • My ignorance is showing, but is there a way to check the analysts recommendations through the internet? I mean particularly the analysts who follow WHC?

    • Maybe it was caught up in the overall market
      sell-off. Last I checked all 7 analysts who followed this
      stock recommend "strong buy." There is only good news,
      with projected 30% earning growth. The faithful should
      really look at this as a great buying opportunity.

    • i've been a member of this club for a while now...whc just posted another stellar quarter earnings and the stock went down again..who's minding the store?

    • I just put together a lengthy response, and
      somehow it didn't post. The bottom line is
      this...privatization companies like WHC can do it all from choosing
      the site, to financing the purchase and construction,
      to building the facility and running it in its
      entirety including food service and medical. In addition,
      they take responsibility for the facilities
      maintenance and assume whatever liabilities the government
      would have had otherwise.

      With a quality
      operator like WHC, there's no question that there is a
      real savings vs government run. In addition, you have
      better quality facilities and, because of excellent
      training programs, better run facilities.

      example, look at Puerto Rico. The government run
      facilities are in turmoil because the gang members housed
      there are running the facilities. Puerto Rico's only
      hope if privatization, and they are slowly and,
      generally, successfully integrating that

      Privatization is here for good. Nearly all states are now
      involved in some form of transition. All we need to do is
      figure out how to get this sector back in favor with
      Wall Street. We're very close to a 52-week low. Good
      luck if you join us.

    • I'm considering WHC. I personally like the idea
      of privately run correctional facilities. But my
      concern is in the long run and with the "liberal
      mentality" of our governments. Is privatization of this
      sector going to be allowed to grow and continue? The"
      thinking" being that government is the only entity capable
      of "fairly" and "safely" running a correctional
      facility. Any thoughts?

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