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  • Easily_Confused Easily_Confused Oct 22, 1998 12:09 PM Flag

    Any Answers?

    How many consecutive quarters will this company
    report solid year-over-year earnings growth, and the
    stock stays flat. This and CPV should be shooting to
    the moon. I understand that the last month has been a
    nice run, but it has been long

    Also, with earnings like this, any word as to wheteher
    a dividend is in our future? I see CPV just raised
    theirs to a yield of almost 8% a year. Something out of
    WHC would be nice.

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    • George Zoley (CEO) also sold stock last year at
      the same time, so may have a need for cash at this
      time of the year. Wouldn't read into this as a

      As for contract wins. They did win a huge contract
      at the beginning of summer, but haven't had a big
      domestic win lately. i do agree that they need some
      domestic wins for this stock to expand to a 30 multiple
      (long term growth rate of 40%, so would still be a
      discount to its growth rate). Looks like a strong pipeline
      in the next few months which will be good for all
      the correction stocks.

    • Two Large Insider Sales

      George Zoley and
      Wayne Calabrese. Two most senior people there. 26x
      forward earnings, huge premium to CCA. Not many (any)
      domestic deals announced lately. Don't understand
      valuation here, esp. relative to industry leader

      My opinion.

    • With the numbers and the news this company has
      had,I can`t see how or why this stock isn`t a $40
      stock. I saw it shoot up to $35 - back down to $27 -
      then back up to $35 - then all the way down to under
      $20. I don`t quite understand that rollercoaster.
      Maybe it`s time has come. This 40% news
      has to help. Maybe a couple of " buy" ratings are in
      the near future.
      By the way, now I know where
      everyone is. I`ve been talking to myself the last year on
      the AOL - WHC board. Just never got around to coming
      I will be back

    • whc and cpv are starting to move up after a
      distressing time of aimless wandering. I'm no analyst, but
      the charts on both stocks show the double bottom or
      "w" signature which supposedly means a move to the
      upside...hold on...

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