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  • MyOpinion_99 MyOpinion_99 Jan 16, 1999 11:06 PM Flag


    WHC seems to be having management problems in
    their NM facility. Took their regional director from
    Texas and made him a warden at this troubled facility.
    Two inmate homicides in a month plus firing of
    renegade officers and supervisors. Seems there is a
    shortage of good managers for this industry.

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    • Personally, I am getting a little frustrated and
      impatient with this company.I know the company is a very
      good, strong and promising company. I see all the news,
      and it is always good. I read all the buy
      recommendations. Yet the price of the stock can`t seem to get out
      of it`s own way. In my (very unproffesional)
      opinion, this stock should be worth $40 RIGHT NOW. Someone
      please tell me that I shouldn`t sell. I`m long here and
      have been seeing this thing stalled at 27 for what
      seems like forever. Any advice?

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      • The timeliness of the stock price is low. The
        announcements of new contracts is one thing, but the momentum
        of the stock price is downward at the moment. So it
        is in a "hold" position.

        recommending WHC have been saying the company is a money
        making machine and keep buying. One thing- I bought into
        this because bottom line it has to have solid
        management and credibility sooner if not later. This is a
        business that cannot afford to have small problems not to
        mention big ones.

      • Someplace where my fluffy dust settles, your
        worries need no more advice. Rather the general postings
        are saying it to you over & over. Dream Master,
        alone, should do in any fears with his outlook. Want
        more? Okay, my dust estimates WHC current value at
        $36.50. Perhaps your attention can be placed on buying at
        bargain prices.

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