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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Oct 1, 1999 2:21 PM Flag

    It`s sure to happen now!

    When the shit hit the fan a few weeks ago, I was
    predicting that WHC (a.k.a. P.O.S to me)would probably see
    single digits as the news became mainstream. Gladly, I
    was wrong. For the past few weeks the price seems to
    have stablized around $14ish. The idiot that I am
    thought that maybe it had bottomed out and averaging down
    at this time might be a good move. So, I doubled my
    position and now have an average just under $21. And what
    do you know, it hasn`t been $14 since. Maybe I
    wasn`t wrong about single digits, just off on the time a
    bit. As the title of this post says, "It is sure to
    happen now". As a matter of fact, that report should
    help it drop. This company has a real bad track record
    when good news is involved. Get this P.O.S. anywhere
    over $20, and I`m outta here.

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    • I`m glad to see that the brainwashing wore off.
      Welcome back to our side. I must admit, you had me
      worrying. Just last week you were looking under the couch
      cushions for extra change, selling you collectables on
      ebay, rifling through your wifes purse and refinancing
      you house to buy more shares of WHC a.k.a. POS. Be
      careful with those mood swings. You were starting to
      remind me of my wife who is going through menopause. Be
      safe buddy and easy on the

    • Does anyone know if the management of WHC aka POS
      uses Wackenhut security to protect them from all of
      the lunatics who invest in their POS stock. Great
      growth=sucky stock performance; New contracts=lousy stock
      performance; Stock repurchase programs=shitty stock
      performance; Wonderful research from angry investors=F*%#ing
      worst investment ever.

      I now know why this POS
      company is in the business they are in...They have job
      security as they continue to build insane asylums for all
      WHC aka POS investors.

      I have never been so
      freakin' disappointed with a stock. May we all pray that
      Mark Skousen have to live in one of WHC's aka POS
      prison's for he is guilty of impersonating a financial

      If I were to wish everyone the worst luck in the
      world, would this POS ever get to $20? If so, I'm sorry
      for my wish for all of you!

    • ...........the problem is in Palm Beach, Florida.
      That`s where the WHC a.k.a. POS head-(up their
      asses)-quarters are. Lot`s of people looking for $20. Better put
      that sell order in now. If, and I reiterate that word,
      IF, this POS ever gets to twenty, us dumpers are sure
      to bring the price down real fast. Just think, if
      you are the first on your block to dump, you may be
      able to get back in at $12 the same day. Not a bad


    • I went back to look at the 10-Q.

      You said
      that WHC purchased 753,000 shares on July 4,1999. And
      that they purchsed 299,500 shares sometime after that.
      You got the number of shares right but the dates

      Lets put this to rest. Here are the facts.

      of July 4, 1999 WHC purchased a total of 753,000
      shares since the beginning of the buyback in August
      1998. The 299,500 shares is the number of shares they
      purchased so far in 1999.

      In summary, they purchaed
      453,500 shares in 1998, and 299,500 shares in 1999 (as of
      July, 4 1999), for a total of 753,000 shares since the
      buyback was announced in August of 1998.

    • pour me one too!

    • Say Peter,...can I barrow a dime to get the round

      Nawwww not really, today the stock market Gods where
      apparently upset, with what...?, well does not really matter
      they seem to find a different excuse each day to push
      a very narrow segment of stocks up the hill while
      the other sectors languish.

      After the market
      closed I decided to check on the status of our beloved
      WHC..., and saw the Yahoo green ligths flashing news on
      WHC, well here is the article:

      "...After the
      market closed, Whirlpool said that third-quarter
      operating earnings rose to $107 million, or $1.40 a share,
      6 cents ahead of analysts' estimates. In the
      year-ago quarter, the home appliance maker (WHC: news,
      msgs) earned $78 million, or $1.02 a share. Shares
      closed down 1/16 at 63 5/16.".

      A heck of a
      I think I'll have that other drink

    • Sorry I am new at this. You have to go to , look up quote WHC and then select SEC Filing. You will find it in 10-Q 8-17-99 report. Good luck to all.

    • Thanks for your story about the elevator. Quite
      amusing. Hopefully we get such a 'free ride' on WHC over
      the next little while. Going up of

      Kidding aside, it's only a matter of time, hang in there

    • OK, so I`m finally there and ready to take the
      tram ride "UP" the mountain. I go to the cashier and
      ask to purchase a ticket. She asks if I wanted a
      round trip ticket. I said "no, I`m goin to the top of
      the mountain and staying there forever! Of course I
      want a round trip ticket. "Sir" she says, "you ARE on
      top of the mountain" I cracked up laughing when I
      realized the long, steep, circular road I drove up took me
      to the top of the mountain. I had already past the
      entrance at the bottom, never knowing it. So, MANBO, you
      can see why your elevator theory reminded me of this
      story. All elevators don`t go up. Just like
      GATLINGURG, the WHC a.k.a. POS tram is taking us down. Lets
      hope we have round trip tickets, as that cashier
      suggested, so we can take it back up. OK, manbo, get back to
      figuring when the next eclipse will be. Sorry if that
      bored anyone.


    • First of all MANBO, would I sound real stupid if
      in reference to your 'now is the time to buy post'
      that I said "what the heck are you talking about"?
      Man, obviously you are a bit more knowledgeable about
      this stuff than me. It sounds like you are either
      using a slide rule for an architectural project or
      trying to figure out how the stars ar lining up. Man,
      how did someone as good as you wind up buying WHC
      a.k.a. POS?

      Secondly, MIKE B, in reference to
      cost averaging down - BEEN THERE DONE

      Now, the elevator
      story..............................This is a true story, even though I`m NOT proud of it,
      but it is funny as hell..................About 4
      months ago I went to Gatlinburg, Tenn. There is a
      tourist attration there called OBER GATLINGURG. It is a
      tram ride that goes up the side of the mountain. Well,
      I drove right past the entrance to the ride, but I
      kept seeing signs that said OBER GATLINGURG --->,
      so I kept following them. I was driving up a real
      steep circular road, still following OBER GATLINGURG
      ---> signs. Finally, 20 minutes later I get
      there.................continued in next post

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