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  • DreamMaster5_4 DreamMaster5_4 Oct 1, 1999 4:00 PM Flag

    It`s sure to happen now!

    Well Peter I did the same darn thing you did, and
    average down to a fraction over 21.00, and it does hurt
    but do not plan to throw the baby with the bath
    The defensive nature of the stock just like food, and
    tabacco stocks, may just be the kind of beaten down
    growth stock that the Street is looking for at this
    time, a good example of the market jitters is the
    current rise in gold stocks (flight to quality), the
    downside is minimal (selling at Feb. 1995 price) at this
    point if any, remenber the pipeline is currently full
    of projets, so the stream of earnings for the
    reminder of this year and next is assured.
    We have in
    effect wiped out Four and One Half years worth of
    extraordinary earnings growth.

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    • I'm begining to wonder if this company is being
      driven artificially low so that the parent company can
      take it private, this sure would be a good time since
      they own over 50% of it, while the stockholders like
      us have gotten the short end of the stick for
      Has any one heard about the shares buy-back...?

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      • Manboking,

        This is the first time I have
        seen doubt in your position! Typically you have the
        most detailed research on this board, and always seem
        to point to the horizon, and how better the future
        will be as compared to the days past. I sent an email
        to Pat Cannao last week, the head of their investor
        relations. He felt that the company has done a good job in
        communicating with Wall St, that they are very financially
        secure, and that any bad news in the privitized
        correctional facility business brings down all related stocks.
        He also felt that to have 7 analysts covering a
        company the size of WHC was a testament to the job they
        have done in getting the company

        Perhaps it was all smoke, but I still must ahve a shimmer
        of hope that this thing will finally rally to the
        price it deserves.

        Keep the faith

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