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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Oct 1, 1999 2:21 PM Flag

    It`s sure to happen now!

    When the shit hit the fan a few weeks ago, I was
    predicting that WHC (a.k.a. P.O.S to me)would probably see
    single digits as the news became mainstream. Gladly, I
    was wrong. For the past few weeks the price seems to
    have stablized around $14ish. The idiot that I am
    thought that maybe it had bottomed out and averaging down
    at this time might be a good move. So, I doubled my
    position and now have an average just under $21. And what
    do you know, it hasn`t been $14 since. Maybe I
    wasn`t wrong about single digits, just off on the time a
    bit. As the title of this post says, "It is sure to
    happen now". As a matter of fact, that report should
    help it drop. This company has a real bad track record
    when good news is involved. Get this P.O.S. anywhere
    over $20, and I`m outta here.

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    • Well Peter I did the same darn thing you did, and
      average down to a fraction over 21.00, and it does hurt
      but do not plan to throw the baby with the bath
      The defensive nature of the stock just like food, and
      tabacco stocks, may just be the kind of beaten down
      growth stock that the Street is looking for at this
      time, a good example of the market jitters is the
      current rise in gold stocks (flight to quality), the
      downside is minimal (selling at Feb. 1995 price) at this
      point if any, remenber the pipeline is currently full
      of projets, so the stream of earnings for the
      reminder of this year and next is assured.
      We have in
      effect wiped out Four and One Half years worth of
      extraordinary earnings growth.

    • Easily,....printed the chart on PZN and WCH, as I
      was headed to the bathroom, stoped in the hallway and
      looked up at the sun thru the skylight, suddenly the
      answer came to me (What if?..) Superinposed both charts
      with the Bollinger Bands, lined them up, and
      discovered that they are identical, after sliding back the
      WHC chart time wise 4.5 months, yesterdays low may be
      the last one !!!!. I was then taken to the hospital,
      and treated for..... "Chart-is Dementia", a new
      psychological syndrome resulting from buying and holding
      Correctional stocks....LOL.

    • Stochastics (short term) provided a buy signal on
      Oct. 5th., said signal was confirmed yesterday when
      _DI intersected +DI, Relative Strenght still weak at
      14%, this will have to improve to confirm the move
      beginning to take place.
      The Daily Bollinger bands
      "jaws" are now starting to diverge "opening up", while
      the stock price clings to the upper band (good

      On the weekly charts the stochastics intersect today
      providing further credance to the short term "buy signal",
      current target from the weekly charts is 15 3/4 (middle
      Bollinger Band).

      From the monthly charts looks like
      the stock bottom out at 12 7/16, since the lower
      Bollinger Band there is now going sideways, the scenario is
      slowly comming together as a once in a lifetime
      opportunity to purchase WHC at close to 11 times projected
      2000 earnings, those persons interested in averaging
      down their positions, and/or ride the up-comming wave
      should do so NOW.

    • that you would select July 4, 1999 as the day that WHC bought back all those shares, considering the stock market was closed that day.

    • Peter,...the insiders this year while you and I
      where buying they where selling.

      ... you guys
      better hurry up and get me out of here, the nurse this
      morning came to me and told me "have a nice day" after
      sticking me with a giant size hypodermic needle trying to
      get the last oz. of blood from my

      All fluff aside we seen the worst and should be eassy
      money from here on out, but remenber, I'm the eternal

    • Anyone wanting to know the info on the buyback,
      just go back to POST 503. When I wrote it,it was just
      a belief, now it has become a reality. Everything
      I`ve said on this board eventually happens. Am I
      reading things correctly or is YAHOO making errors. I
      could have sworn I just read a few post where MANBO was
      freaking out, and EASILY was calming him down. I think
      I`ll contact YAHOO and tell them they have peoples
      names mixed up. I`ve heard of role reversals, but this
      is too bizzare. Welcome back EASILY, long time no
      posts. Where were you? Were you kidnapped by WHC and
      brought for a brainwashing? Be careful, you are starting
      to believe the shit they tell you. Again, everyone,
      go back to post 503 - read it and believe it.

    • I didn't see any SEC link at


      Why don't you just post the exact link if there is one.

    • You have a nice gain on the lot you bought at
      12+1/2 and your slightly ahead on the lot at

      You can always sell the lot at 12+1/2 for a profit,
      and hold the rest. That gives you quick "trading
      profit" plus more liquidity so if the price goes down you
      can buy it back. If the price goes up, now you have a
      profit on the $14 lot.

      If its a taxable account,
      than you can wait 30 days after you bought at 12+1/2
      and sell the same number of shares but use a higher
      cost lot so you get the tax loss.

      The purchase
      at 12+1/2 was a smart move and gives you some

      I hate to suggest selling any at this price,
      especially since I am also long, but sometimes if you get
      dug in a hole you need a traders mentality to get

    • I tried sending an email to P. C. at WHC (a.k.a.
      The email was returned saying address was not
      I double and triple checked it and sent it exactly
      you posted it. Please let me know how to
      email him.
      Maybe he saw that you posted his address
      and expecting a
      barrage of hate mail he changed
      his address. Thanks!

    • sanity to return the stock price to normal valuations.

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