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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Nov 7, 1999 6:32 PM Flag

    I`m safe everyone

    I must admit, that it was a real scary week, but
    I`m OK. All the good news about contracts and
    earnings sent me into a total state of panic. I took every
    mattress, couch cushion and pillow in the house and glued
    them to the walls of a room in my house. I made sure
    that any form of communication with the outside world
    was removed from that room, then I instructed my wife
    to put me into a straight jacket and lock me in. I
    was just not prepared to deal with the fallout from
    all that good news. I hope we don`t have too much
    more of that.

    I see we have a few new faces
    here. The "nurse" might be able to supply the
    sedatives, but I think the "snake" could just be one of the
    board of directors.

    EASILY, glad to see you held
    down the fort in my time of turmoil. Got any idea how
    to remove glued mattresses from a wall?

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    • Thought you might have been Pumpkin Eatin' We
      missed your brevity and optomistic outlook the past
      week. Perhaps we have broken the trend of good news=new

      I am still amazed at my outlook for this beby...I
      actually had a dream the other night that it jumped $4 in
      one session, and I couldn't get my sell in quick
      enough...then I woke up, and the sheets were all stuck to me
      like your mattresses are to you walls. I would
      recommend a blow torch to soften the glue, but it can be
      hazardous to your lungs (and your house) if not done by a
      professional. Have you considered posting security while you
      remodel your home. Call Wacky Hoot...they're the best!

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