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  • Manboking1 Manboking1 Dec 3, 1999 3:02 PM Flag

    Interesting Posts on CRN's board

    fullcourt,...the post that you mentioned here are
    worthless for the most part, since they attempt to place
    CRN as expected since they are in the CRN board ahead
    of the best company of the 3 WHC.
    for the
    following reasons:
    1. WHC is debt free, CRN is not
    WHC is International, CRN is not
    3. WCH parent
    company has more experience in the business than CRN,
    PZN, ETC. (all put together), and that my friend is
    the bottom line.

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    • I agree with you that the CRN posts were so
      biased toward CRN as to be worthless! However, it seems
      that EVERY stock in this sector is grossly undervalued
      now. My chips are bet on WAK and WHC, but PZN, CRN and
      CSCQ must certainly be good long-term investments now.
      Short interest is 7% of the float in WHC and an
      incredible 37% of the float in WAK. The rallys in WHC and
      WAK will be furious when they come - fueled by short
      covering. Both stocks are like a compressed spring waiting
      to explode. Why doesn't some value fund manager just
      buy some and get the ball rolling?! Are they ALL
      idiots? If the shorts in WAK all tried to cover in the
      same day on the open market the stock would go from a
      52 week low to a 52 week high!

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      • Marc,...just took a chill pill after my last
        posting, and is OK by me to be upset about WHC performance
        but this is a malady of the sector not to be confused
        with with a change in fundamentals, there for it is a
        matter of "expectations" and historically the strong
        stocks get stronger and the weak get weaker douring
        annual clean up of portafolio at this time of the year,
        no surprise there.
        Technically we are just a few
        weeks from turning neutral and then we in time by next
        year turn positive once again and when we do is going
        to be real good, that is also my prognosis, but
        again I have been wrong on this baby all year
        Money right now is going in to technology as you can
        see by following a chart on "QQQ" index of the top
        100 Nasdaq companies, this should continue for some
        time till December 15th., beyond that my guess is that
        it will our turn at bat.

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