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  • fullcount_1999 fullcount_1999 Dec 3, 1999 10:50 AM Flag

    Interesting Posts on CRN's board

    There are a couple of interesting posts (#233 & #236) on CRN's message board relative to the industry and the top 3 companies in it.

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    • I'm also certain there's stock available to
      short. The last time I checked there were about 300k
      short, down from approx. 850k in March 99. I know the
      person that covered the 500k in March. He was using it
      as a hedge against another investment in the sector.
      He covered the short after the company failed to
      include certain revenue in 4Q results, which were
      reported in March.

      What your broker should have
      told you is his didn't have stock available to short.
      WHC is not widely held and not all firms have stock.
      However, if you pushed the issue, I'm certain your
      broker's firm could borrow stock from another that holds

      Hope this helps.

    • Looks like a rally to....$12....close but no Clinton cigar. Maybe the huge trading volume will carry through to tomorrow and take up to close above the $12 mark.

    • No shares available to short since so many have
      already been borrowed to sell short. I don't think it is
      any more complicated than that. Shorts are probably
      waiting until New Years to cover so that they can realize
      their gains in 2000 rather than 1999. Good reason to
      buy in December IMHO. Best wishes.

    • I checked with my broker and he said that there are no shares available to short. Any idea why? Yahoo only shows 270k short. I was
      just doing DD before investing.


    • Checked with my broker and he said that there are
      no shares available for shorting. Was doing
      before investing. Any idea why no short
      available? Yahoo only shows 270 k short
      but obviously
      there are more short. Is there
      a secondary offering
      in the recent past or
      coming up?

    • I checked with my broker and he said there are
      no shares available to short. Any idea why?
      I was just doing DD before investing. Now I
      wonder and will watch instead.

    • buying more WHC today ----- but the market action
      just didn't look like a bottom. I logged off at 15:57
      with the DOW at -65 only to discover that the index
      closed off -118. That was a surprise! This is a very
      good corporation and the people who log onto this
      message board are quite knowledgeable. But the selling
      continues --- in the "old days", tax loss selling usually
      stopped around the middle of the month. But, today there
      appears to be many "investors" who have NEVER experienced
      a significant down market (although WHC certainly
      qualifies this year). So, I wonder if the selling might
      continue up to the last day of the year. It is really hard
      to tell based on the evidence we have at present.
      But, I do think that the 1995 low of around $10 is a
      significant downside barrier. Best of "bottom price guessing"
      for all who are interested in lowering their average

    • Would probably guess that barring a takeover we
      will not see $26 this year but next year it is
      possible and probable in my eyes. WHC is a growing healthy
      company and unless we all decide to get along and crime
      drops to nil...the sad fact is that companies like WHC
      can house these folks cheaper and better than our
      state and federal governments. My guess is that tax
      loss selling will push the shares towards $10 or $11.

    • I did not want to be the first to say it - for
      fear of appearing too self interested. Let the Y2K
      riots begin baby! We just need a LITTLE buying to fuel
      a short covering rally. Where have all the value
      players gone!

    • Didnt think the bottom could go much lower so the
      hammer went down today and I doubled on WHC. Wonder if
      we will see 26 this year - something has got to
      give. Maybe a few thousand rioting y2k arrests and a
      few internet plummets will put us back in the black.

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