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  • investorgroup investorgroup Dec 16, 1999 5:55 PM Flag

    New Lows...Baby

    ... in the stock market is to focus on the
    fundamentals of why you originally got interested in a stock
    (and whether those fundamentals have changed), and to
    not let emotions come into play.

    The private
    corrections industry still has very strong fundamentals and
    some very good companies (WHC and CRN IMHO are the
    best). These stocks have been hurt by many things (none
    of which are fundamantal changes in the industry
    though), with one of the biggest problems coming from
    management issues at PZN and PZN's REIT/OPCO

    Many other industries have gone through cycles (Oil
    and Gas, Financial Institutions, etc.), only to
    recover many times over. The bottom line is that the need
    for housing inmates and various treatment methods
    needed for them will, unfortunately, never go away. This
    is a function that MUST be performed, and the
    private sector can do it as well as (and sometimes
    better) as the public sector and save taxpayers $$$. At
    the end of the day, that's what gets votes (i.e.
    tough on crime AND saving tax dollars), and the shear
    strength of the fundamentals will remain strong. The only
    question is which companies will prosper the best ... but
    this industry has so much growth that there is plenty
    of room for several successful players.

    down cycles are great times to let the sheep run away,
    while we average down and wait for the inevitable

    I'm long on WHC and CRN ... I'd keep an eye on both
    of them.

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