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  • Easily_Confused Easily_Confused Dec 9, 1999 4:59 PM Flag

    New Lows...Baby

    Let me hear the celebration...WHC hosts year end
    party with it's management team as the entertainment.
    They are really not managers, they are

    Love to watch my money shrink to new low levels...hope
    evryone had some spending $$$$ set aside for the
    holidays, 'cuz this POS will be a penny stock

    Happy Holidays....I'll watch the obituaries in hopes of
    seeing the report of an atomic bomb set off in Florida.
    I hate this f@#$%ing company.

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    • Javelin,...that was an excellent post, right from
      the head and with zero bull, agree with you 100%,
      when the final cards are dealt, the winners will be
      the ones with the facts (value cards), those with
      blue sky type of stocks, and "hope to, when and if
      this that or the other" will surely suffer cuz they
      will not have the real cards that takes for the final
      draw. On another note today we finally broke through
      the $9.00 resistance.

    • Okay I admit it! PZN got me for about 7K

      Thats why I dont trust any of these so called prisoner
      watchers cause Ive start wondering whos watching

      Seems like those boys make a lot of money! To much if
      you ask me.

      Better watch em


    • As a 63 year old (40 year) market investor, I
      have always concentrated on value situations. The
      recent infatuation with momentum investing has been very
      rewarding for many people - but they haven't a clue about
      why they have been making money. When the market
      turns, it will be H*** on them and their money.
      is a value situation with what appears to be growing
      momentum after a disastrous slide from above $40 a share.
      It looks good to me. But it will take some patience
      on the part of investors to let it run up to where
      it probably belongs (in my opinion, above
      Good luck to all momentum investors, you will need it
      - value investors don't need nearly as much luck
      although a little bit is always appreciated.

    • My response is simple, I like the industry. I've
      done well with CPV buying low and selling high and
      collecting some nice dividends..I too got hammered on PZN,
      but that doesn't mean I hate the industry because
      management was not telling the truth about over-building and
      it's effects. You and I lost money because management
      lied, doubling their cost of debt and making equity
      unavailable, this is what caused them into their present
      situation, IMO. I have learned an expensive lesson about
      private subs, if you have any idea what I'm talking

      I flip hot IPO's and have for 15 years. Talk about
      many of these having no relation to business
      fundamentals or reality...jeez. they don't always go hand in
      hand. It's fun and games and momentum...

      seems like you represent the present day investor, the
      polar opposite of Warren Buffett. If the stock goes
      down you assume the industry and the stock market is
      horrible. If the stock is going up then management is doing
      the right things. You never talk fundamentals just
      stock prices. I've made some great buys in industries
      (Mortgage REIT's) in the dumps.
      In momentum markets
      like now you can play hyper P/E stocks and everyone
      calls themselves a long termer. When the sh*t hits the
      fan you will need earnings and dividends, not
      promises to support your stock price. Good Luck.

    • Flipper,are you a paid propagandist for the
      corrections industry? I lost my shirt on PZN when u were all
      ga ga about corrections stocks during the past 2
      years and lo and behold I come into yahoo after a long
      absence and what do I c but u again talking about how
      wonderfuf the WHC/CPV relationship works! As u know , these
      co's stock prices have hit the wall and long term
      investors like myself have lost a ton of $$$ on both of
      them. Really, WHAT GIVES W/YOU?? (In response to
      Flippers post 12/15/99)

    • Please share your opinion of the corrections industry. I have been away but I know people on this board are interested.

    • Short term Stochastic buy signal from December
      21, was corroborated on December 29, by another buy
      signal from the intersection of (-DI), and (+DI), from
      the six year low stablished on December 29th. at 9
      5/8, we now will challange the resistance at $13 next
      week, volume has continued to increase as institutions
      take new positions in this much battered stock.

    • move up. So shove that up your butt buffets fartman!

    • No is Wackenthunt.....(smiles)...

    • Subj: More good News
      By: Manboking1
      12/23/99 11:28 am

      Stochastics %K and %D meet on the
      21st. at 9%, on the 22nd., a buy signal was generated
      after the two intersected, and today the same signal
      should at least halt any futher erosion in price, is a
      bit early to tell if this is the "Buy" signal that we
      have been looking for or not, but my gut feeling tells
      me that "it is for real"....also ADX has now crested
      and started down (good omen), as DI also is headed
      for positive territory, The feable Relative Strenght
      stands at 5% (meaning 95% of the stocks out there are
      outperforming WHC as of yesterday)...Will see what today brings
      at the close.

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