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  • Easily_Confused Easily_Confused Dec 15, 1999 1:21 PM Flag

    Soup Kitchens for the Poor

    Hey WHC faithfuls ( and even you StkrePETER),
    anyone able to donate to the weary and heavy laden? I
    may need a place to sleep and some warm liquids after
    this all time shitty decision of mine to think that
    buying more of this POS @ $12 was a good idea. I
    continue to be amazed at how we all believe this is a good
    investment, only to find that the noise of all our jaws
    hitting the floor in unison is deafening. This should be
    a case study in how resilient the human spirit is,
    and how the lemming theory is alive and well. I love
    to read the posts pertaining to technical data, and
    50 and 200 day averages; let's face facts--this pos
    will go anyway it wants to until some salary accepting
    person at WHC goes out and promotes this to get some
    movement other than downward or sideways on the

    The best thing might be to put in a sell at $15, and
    check in June of 2005 to see if it was ever executed.
    My gut tells me that my 1200 shares will then be
    worth enough to take a family of four to

    I would love to cost average down again, but I'm
    afraid this stock isn't worth the paper the certificates
    are printed on. Thank God I bought some of those
    "terrible" internet stocks that have doubled my money in 9

    happy Holidays to all who own WHC, and may the misery
    of working for this POS keep it's management
    scratching their heads all holiday season. Please say a
    prayer that someday we all get with 15% of break
    even...that would be a miracle!

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