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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Dec 22, 1999 7:31 PM Flag

    Wow, this board has gotten very busy

    First of all, I`d like to welcome all of the
    newcomers to the board. I see there are a lot more posts
    and posters than in the past. I guess as the stock
    gets lower in price and becomes more affordable, more
    people jump in. If that theory is true, then it should
    be real crowded around here soon. I wonder what the
    board will be like when WHC a.k.a. POS becomes a penny
    stock. YIKES!

    Secondly, I`d also like to point
    out that I`ve noticed the board has also become very
    informative. I`m impressed with the quality and content of
    some of the posts. In actuality, I`m beginning to
    think there is too much info here. Reading these posts
    are like work. There are so many numbers, letters,
    equations, rebuttals, retractions, accusations and
    corrections being thrown around here it is starting to remind
    me of my algebra/geometry/astrology/debating
    team/calculous/physics/typing homework all mixed together. Whew!

    the board should try a hostile takeover. It sure
    seems like we have the making of a board of directors
    right here.

    You guys keep posting the PZN, IMO,
    divided by this and multiply by that, take the ruler and
    the calculator and shove it up........kind of stuff,
    and STKREPETER will break up the boredom with the wit
    and humor.

    Happy Holidays and good luck to

    Hey EASILYCONFUSED, I`m worried about you. I hope
    you`re taking your medication.

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    • to clear the tears of laughter from my Holiday
      induced, bloodshot eyes. I whole-heartedly agree with my
      main comic StkrePETER. I have been very much confused
      on the majority of the posts lately, merely because
      I do something outside the financial world to bring
      home money. I invested in this POS some 4-5 years ago,
      because I believe conceptually that it is a well run
      company, in a growing industry. As we have all witnessed,
      those facts have JACKSHIT to do with stock performance.
      Thus, the posts outlining how the stochastics are
      crossing the equator, and the groundhog saw his shadow,
      therefore translating into a buy at the point where the
      stock buyback is more advantageous than suicide, makes
      my head weak (and it's already depleted from this
      holiday celebrating stuff). This just confirms that even
      if you understand all of the technical plotting BS,
      you still can't predict what this POS will do

      Soooooooo, in conclusion, I, like my esteemed colleague,
      StkrePETER, will read when I feel strong, and try to inject
      some deep seated resentment, and self aimed humor, at
      how disappointed I am with this stock, and my undying
      need to feel I should double down.

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