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  • CajunTrader CajunTrader Dec 27, 1999 8:42 AM Flag

    PZN News this morning!

    PZN to get $315 million investment infusion. Anyone want to speculate what it will do to this sector.

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    • structure will be positive. I think even short
      term, by resolving the open issue of what will PZN do
      and by replacing the management team that lost
      investors confidence will be positive.

      The open
      issues are (i) the degree of negative impact from not
      paying the dividend (although maybe painful, this will
      be old news before too long), (ii) who are the
      members of CCA's management team that will be receiving
      the 40% of the new/improved CCA (the real question is
      did these management members get their ownership % as
      a "carryover" of their prior CCA ownership, or was
      it a windfall?), and (iii) who the new CEO/CFO will

      But, overall, this puts capital into a company that is
      back in the "growth" profile in a growing industry,
      and I assume it will result in a new professional
      management team (and presumably they'll have the experience
      and reputation of high quality, whether from this
      industry or from outside the industry).

      Once people
      put aside the emotion of what they've previously lost
      from PZN, the growth-picture of this industry should
      return, and in the end, be positive for the industry.

      This should be good for the other stocks in this
      industry as it removes (or will soon remove) the confusing
      corporate structure issues that have plagued PZN.

    • and screw shareholders.

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