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  • stockdogsniffer stockdogsniffer Dec 29, 1999 9:00 AM Flag

    The search is over !

    Here is the King(or Queen) of pups. They probably
    should change the name to "Wackenhut Needs Corrections
    Corp." If their Pompano Beach work release center is an
    indication of their operations then Boys(and Girls) put your
    buy orders in for about $2 bucks. They probably could
    make a fortune if they sold the operation for a sitcom
    to any major network. Personally Fox would be the
    network of choice. They like whats far out. It could be
    the X Files of corrections. They build the facility
    with failure in mind in that they used the plans for a
    "Motel 6" so when and if it goes under their brilliant
    thinking was that some hotel chain would by it. Of course,
    location was not in the equation because it is right
    accross the street from a landfill dump affectionately
    know to the inmates as "Mount Trashmore". On any day
    hundreds of gulls and turkey vultures are circling. Ut
    might be a good idea for them to go into the car wash

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    • Okay, WHC sounds like witch that rhymes with
      bitch that is oftened times referenced to none other
      that the Queen of Spades.

      And for your X File
      dept., please note that yet another case of 12
      cannisters of laughing gas has arrived by overnite carrier
      for a Mr. Xtremely Coinfused. His agony has
      "marketly" increased as of late.

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