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  • buffetts_dartman buffetts_dartman Dec 30, 1999 8:57 PM Flag

    Great Quarter for WHC

    You've been holding this slug for years and
    losing money while every 18 year old novice is making a
    fortune in tech stocks. I'm not sure how I could be
    taking it up the ass when WHC goes up 1 point since I
    don't own any and never have...oh, and never will. I
    just know the company (too well) and think it is the
    worst run company I have ever seen. Buffett said buy
    what you know. I know WHC and I wouldn't buy it with
    YOUR money. I hope it goes to $100 and you all make
    money. I couldn't care less. I just like to get you all
    excited. Deep down, you know you own a dog...a dirty old
    dog that couldn't even walk its way into the humane
    society. WHC...I still maintain...will be one of the worst
    stocks of the 21st century. AHAHAHAHAHAAAA

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    • If you dont own it or are not short then why do you hang around here? Don't you have anything better to do with your life? Your the one that sounds like an immature 18 year old.

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      • Buffetts sets up his new monikor on 12/7/99 and
        his first post on the board is 12/15/99. He either
        sold around that date stock which he bought at a much
        higher price and took a huge loss, or he went short
        around that date. The stock was around $10 at the time
        he either sold or went short.

        His actions are
        more typical of a sore loser that sold at the bottom
        than a short. Shorts usually are more knowledgable
        than this kid.

        This guy sounds more like he
        bought in the 30's and capitulated at the bottom. Now he
        wants everyone else to sell like he did. So he sets up
        a new name and starts posting BS.

        But either
        way. If he sold out or went short, he did it near the
        bottom (the date he started his posts) and he is most
        certainly taking it in the ass.

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