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  • gycal gycal Dec 30, 1999 8:26 PM Flag

    Great Quarter for WHC

    Business analysts stated today that all security
    related firms will have great profits this quarter due to
    excessive global demand for security. Some firms are
    charging 50-100% more for their Y2K contracts.

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    • has a much bigger problem than WHC!

    • With all this banter about the Wackenhut company
      I couldnt help but comment. I purchased Wackenhut
      WHC strictly because of contact with Wack employees
      at a Job site on which I was the site designer.
      These Wack employees were from the security company and
      I purchased prison because of the potential
      volitility of that industry. I have bought and sold and have
      made money. Currently Im in at 15 and 12. Regardless,
      the employees that I came into contact with were
      happy and very , very specialized experts. Security
      system designers for Foreign Embassies and securtiy
      staff with super credentials and attitude; Very
      specialized security - I cant imagine better credentials than
      these guys had - special forces, etc. One would think
      that this quality would be "in house" for prison
      division also. (Yes I know special forces guys are not in
      the prison guard system but a well run company is a
      well run company.) Loooonnnngggg on WHC

    • BuyPanic,...excellent post, much of the volume
      generated since December 21 has been due to the shorts
      At the start of December there where 7% shorts
      and now only 3% remain short, when this last group
      cover their position will boost the stock
      pass the $13 resistance.
      And yes if Mr. Buff-etts
      wishes to join in the carnage of the shorts, then let
      the games begin if he has the "cojones".

    • but really, you keep saying how well you know
      this company yet I have yet to hear you say anything
      that would indicate that you really know very much
      about either WHC or the industry in

      You've been posting immature and angry posts long before
      you were attacked, with nothing to say of any

      Your posts go like this:

      "How STUPID can you
      "Piece of Crud"
      "Dumb Ass"
      "You are a
      "$6 by January"
      "You Idiots, $5 is
      "NOBODY will buy it even at these prices"

      really can't blame some others posting angry messages
      back at you. You sure can dish it out but you don't
      seem to take your own medicine too well.

      comment of yours "Nobody will buy at these prices", was
      posted 2 days ago when the stock was under $10. So your
      wrong already since someone was buying the last 2 days
      on high volume and the stock is now 11+11/16.

      If your so certain the stock is going to $6 in
      January, why not go short. You would get a huge gain if
      your correct. If you were really an investor will any
      money and were so sure of yourself you would have gone
      short 2 days ago. Is that what you did? Or is it that
      you have no money?

      And if you really think you
      know something about WHC lets hear it. Or get lost.

    • How do you do it? I mean how do you manage to buy
      at the low like that? Wow!!!!

      I don't work
      for the DOC you fool. I am a computer tech. I
      couldn't care less if whc fell off the face of the earth.
      I just know the company and like to laugh at them
      bc theyre so pathetic.

      You guys crack me
      up...."I made 20%" WOW!!!!

      My port is up over 200%
      this year ...get a clue. Buy some tech stocks if you
      can understand them. Give up on this pig. WHC...I
      maintain...worst company of the 21st century.


    • bend down and squeal like the pig you are.

      I'm up 20% in 2 days you little asswipe.

    • Buffetts:

      I worked for 32 years with the
      Dept. of Corrections, retired and went to work for WHC
      for 9 years and retired.

      The nation wide
      company policy is that they give their employees 9 paid
      holidays a year. Pay raises are determined with the COLA
      the states they contract with are willing to give.
      Generally, the states are very generious when giving raises
      to their corrections employees but not so when they
      deal with the private sectors.

      In Calif. the
      DOC lied to the private sector for a number of years
      by saying there was not enough money in the budget
      to grant COLA adjustments to the contracts they had
      with the private companys. They were taken to court on
      the matter and lost big time. The courts said they
      did not bargin in good faith and lied. Consequently,
      they had to pay millions in damages.

      From your
      writings I would surmise that you are an employee of some
      state's DOC assigned in some capacity to a facility
      operated by a private company. If that is the case then
      you, would be a union member and like all union
      members, are running scared of the possibility that the
      private sector will eventually take over the supervison
      and management of all inmates in your state because,
      as you know they do the job just as well but at a
      reduced cost. By the way, are you in Calif. If so, we may
      know a lot of folks in common.


    • I work "with" them. I would shoot myself if I had
      to work for them. They treat their employees like
      crap, give 2% raises, dont give any holidays off, and
      have the highest turnover of any co Iv ever known.
      Make millions. Load up of WHC. AHAHHAAAAA

    • You've been holding this slug for years and
      losing money while every 18 year old novice is making a
      fortune in tech stocks. I'm not sure how I could be
      taking it up the ass when WHC goes up 1 point since I
      don't own any and never have...oh, and never will. I
      just know the company (too well) and think it is the
      worst run company I have ever seen. Buffett said buy
      what you know. I know WHC and I wouldn't buy it with
      YOUR money. I hope it goes to $100 and you all make
      money. I couldn't care less. I just like to get you all
      excited. Deep down, you know you own a dog...a dirty old
      dog that couldn't even walk its way into the humane
      society. WHC...I still maintain...will be one of the worst
      stocks of the 21st century. AHAHAHAHAHAAAA

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