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  • buffetts_dartmen buffetts_dartmen Jan 14, 2000 4:26 PM Flag

    #1 reason to sell Wackensh*t

    When the stock is tanking as it always does, all
    the bulls disappear on this board. They disappear
    because they have nothing positive to support the
    decline. Check most every other board...when their stock
    goes down, all the bulls come and defend it. Reason
    for lack of defense here is that you own the biggest
    POS in the market. Trying to help you idiots from
    losing ALL of your money. YOu think it's bad
    how you feel when it hits $5. You'll be wishing you
    sold at $9. THis stock has NO bottom.

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    • I'm still here.

      And I'm man enough to
      admit I made a mistake.

      But I've had many more
      winners than losers the past 12 months. And I'm not in
      that bad shape on this stock. But I'm not perfect.

      I sold half my position at 10+5/8 as I was
      listening to the conference call last Thursday. I bought it
      back today at 9+1/8. My average price is now under
      $12. Sure that sucks compared to the current price,
      but with a portfolio of over 50 stocks its managable
      for me.

      I'm sure all your investments haven't
      been perfect either, even if you won't admit

      I probably have done more due diligence at this
      point than most investors in this stock. I made a
      judgement to buy back today the stock I sold last week.
      Maybe it will be the right decision maybe not. But I'll
      tell you one thing, I don't go around pounding on
      other investors when they have a loss in a stock.

      I think the only reason your here is because you
      probably had some major losses in some stocks (even if you
      won't admit it), and you get some perverse pleasure in
      attacking investors who have suffered a loss in the

      No matter what happens with WHC, one thing is
      certain, your not a serious investor, your childish and
      immature. Your also dishonest since you said a week ago
      that you would never post again on this board. But its
      no surprise that someone as immature as you could
      possibly resist coming back for more.

    • more of the Bulls don't respond to you is that
      your Union-inspired/misinformed opinions aren't worth
      spending the time to respond to (but I wanted to get right
      back to you because I know you need to leave soon to
      go to the monster-tractor-pull, and the beer must be
      mostly gone now that it's several hours past the
      (Sorry to drop to your level of responding, but I
      couldn't resist).

      You need to just face it. This
      industry is never going to go away, and there will always
      be an ever increasing need for the private sector
      who does it as good, and often better, than the
      public groups.

      By the way, didn't your post #952
      say you were going away for good? But don't worry, we
      take your comments for the waste-of-time that they
      are, and they give us insight to the life you lead.
      Keep'em are very entertaining!!

      • 1 Reply to prisonguy_99
      • WHC. You are so funny. If you think WHC does it
        better, you're in worse shape than I thought. You say
        nobody responds to MY posts. There are NO posts on the
        board in days you moron. Ignore me. Talk to each other.
        Nobody istalking to anyone because they're all running
        for the hills. I love it. You wish you had my
        portfolio of techs since 1997. I like your sense of're going to need it to survive the ride to $5 Eat my

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