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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Jan 14, 2000 6:03 PM Flag

    Message to "EAISILYCONFUSED"

    EASILY, Please get in touch with me via email.
    The address is I`d like to
    communicate with you but I prefer to stay off the board. It
    seems I just don`t have the time for this anymore. The
    2 part time jobs I had to take because of
    "wackenoff" really eat up the day.

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    • hello iiinformed,

      dude! you are funny

      I think as pubic find out about wackenhut abuses,
      more bad to come. but maybe i buy at low price? What
      is wackengut sale to employ?

      From masa

    • Willy,

      you can't place a price tag on you
      conscience! On your death bed, you will have wished you had
      soared with the eagles, lived vicariously through
      others, and most of all, sold your WHC before it drops to
      seven and then the Black Wednesday roles around in
      Mid-August, dragging WHC shares to an all time low of 4.125
      in early 2001.

      Just thought you should be

    • The numbers are hard to find. I know of no single
      source that looks at contract prices, per diems, etc. I
      understand your point about not wanting dirty hands. I got
      into CSCQ several years ago, and as soon as I learned
      how Slattery did business, I got out...fortunately
      without a loss. Informatively, that was when the stock
      was trading a 14+. There were posters at that time
      who advised hanging on, bound to turn up, etc.

    • You American are joker! You not know invest! Whc good company, good value, but beet up on prisonors!

      Prisons should be gvernment not privete!

      Americans too money huney

    • 1)selling your shares after watching a

      2)Selling WHC at the low.

      3)Buying AOL at the

      I'm remember when everyone hated AOL a few short
      years ago while it lingered in the teens. Where were
      you then, buying WHC in the high $20's?

      point of investing is buy low, sell high. It's
      simple...say after me....B..u..y
      l..o..w...s..e..l..l...h..i..g..h. Not the other way around which you are indicating
      you will do. As the old saying goes, "a fool and his
      money are soon parted".

    • WillyNilly_Ca,

      Before you make any hasty
      decisions on selling your shares, I would recommend
      watching "The Green Mile!" After seeing that moving I sold
      all 3000 of my shares @ 9.375! This was a huge loss
      for me but I feel alot better and am thinking about
      buying into AOL, the upside is huge! Can you pass on
      what other stocks you are looking at, as you are
      obviously the most (only) informed investor on this


    • I appreciate the point, rockfishr. Unfortunately,
      finding this type of aggregate information is difficult.
      I realise the inherent disincentive for decent
      facilities and rehab programs built into the low cost bid
      structure. I wouldn't mind being in a "bad" business, if I
      thought my company was improving it. As it stands
      however, my shares are on the selling block. There are
      plenty of other undervalued growing companies out there
      that don't require me to compromise my morals.

    • I don't want to get into the name-calling, but it
      may be helpful to look at some numbers. In LA, WHC is
      receiving $70 p/d. CSC was receiving $63 at Tallulah, and
      Tallulah staff were driving into MS looking for juvenile
      jobs at the end of their shifts. In VA, as a
      comparison, the average cost is about $116 p/d, and these are
      no palaces. They have been cited by DOJ for poor
      operations. If you want to look for a source of the problem,
      look at state contracting authorities, who are driven
      by the lowest cost bid, without consideration of
      quality. There are good private operations, and good
      government operations. But both also have their blemishes.
      It's not an area where all the angels are dancing on
      the same pin.

    • "I am not short and no, I am not in the DOC...
      just know the business (no, im not a criminal)

      Are you then a.......?:
      1)maggot on a toliet

      2)Closet Communist from Cuba?

      3)wife of criminal
      (male spouse to male?)

      4)Typical Gov't employee
      wasting time on the internet trying to tell everyone that
      "Gov't works!!"?

      5)Idiot that's never paid over
      $500 in taxes so don't give a s*** if the Gov't taxes
      the hell out of us all.

      6) All of the above.

    • state does it much better...better paid=better
      trained=better security

      whc is owned, operated, and run
      at a security level by inexperienced is

      I am not short and no, I am not in the DOC... just
      know the business (no, im not a criminal) and know
      that this company is horrendous. The idiots holding
      this POS are the last ones to find out.

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