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  • rakeindollars rakeindollars Jan 20, 2000 12:03 PM Flag

    I'm buying about a steal

    WHC has a PE of 10 and will earn close to $1.00
    this year.

    Now this is a CHEAP stock!

    already rode CRN up from it's bounce, now it's time for
    WHC to make the bounce.


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    • hello gentlemen,

      I think the US government
      is taking seriously the charges against Wackenhut,
      which is the cause for few new contracts and the
      closing of the Austin facility. Why else would the
      facility shut down. Also, if the case of the prison riot
      can be associated with these charges, the punitive
      damages from the upcoming lawsuit and the bad PR could be
      severly damaging.

      The public is already against
      privitizing the prison systems. The company is already
      realizing lower growth than it projected because of the
      fewer contracts.

      Do you think there could be a
      reason why all the prison management companies have
      taken a beating over the past year when most indexes
      rose to new heights. Institutions won't touch this
      company even if it appears to be "cheap" by some people.

      Willy, if you are still out there, could you post where
      you received your information.

      Whc will
      probably go lower...

      sorry boys.

      • 3 Replies to iiiinformed
      • The Gov't idiots are slowing private prison
        contracts because of their political butts, period. As the
        Gov't gets bigger and bigger there are more pigs in the
        pen who vote for themselves.

        If the Gov't DID
        it so well there would be no overcrowding and no
        need for private corrections. The Gov't has failed at
        doing there job that is quite

        Monopolies don't work. Any first year high scholl student
        can tell you that. And Gov't makes decisions for too
        many wrong reasons. Taxes are the highest in history
        when considering all levels. This can not continue or
        we go the way of Mexico. History has MANY examples
        of it.

      • public is against, and that's higher taxes. The
        public realizes that the privates do as good a job (or
        better) than the public and it is done without passing
        any prison bonds or raising taxes. Sure...there are
        incidents at the privates (which get blasted all over the
        press), but the rate of these incidents are twice as high
        at the public institutions as compared to the
        privates (for the source, see the "1998 Corrections
        Yearbook" published by the ACA).

        This is an industry
        that is destined for high future growth, and the clean
        private companies should do well (and the others will
        probably get bought out at premiums to their prices

        As the privates have seen over the past
        several years, the flow of contracts is somewhat of a
        rollercoaster, but in the end, you can pretty much count on 20+%
        growth...which is over twice what all these private corrections
        stocks are trading at.

        I think there are better
        run private corrections companies than WHC, but that
        doesn't mean that WHC is not a solid company and a good
        bet for stock price growth.

        When the dust
        settles, and the technology boom eventually comes down to
        earth (not if, but when), the strong fundamentals of
        private corrections will prevail.

        IMHO, I concur
        with an earlier post that put the order of best picks
        in the industry as CRN, WHC, CSCQ and PZN .... but
        ALL should do well.

        The earlier negative posts
        are clearly union/government-related
        people/disgruntled former employees (person?) playing back and forth
        with each other (or themself).

        Good Luck to the
        longs in this industry...IMO, the return will be well
        worth it.

        Oh, and to the poster who has a moral
        problem with this industry, realize that there are
        companies in this industry that put alot of excellent
        treatment into their prisons to improve the lives of these
        people who will eventually come back into society.

      • I am not sure what to make of this message board.
        Anyhow, this is the last time I check it, and I've said
        my 2 cents worth. As I said before, I found it
        difficult to find info. fortunately there are a few people
        on this board that are informed. I found some more
        information yesterday on Jena. Apparently there were over 130
        complaints against this facility, to one gov't agency alone.
        Most incidents go unreported. Harassment and abuse are
        also used to deter inmates from reporting. Also I
        received a quote from a prison rights advocate yesterday
        from an industry insider posted in a 1992 edition of
        SPY Magazine,
        "this company is
        positively evil.
        It is known in the industry to call
        them when you
        have a dirty job to be done." I can't verify the truth
        of this statement, but it seems to counter the idea
        that private institutions are doing a better job. I
        just wonder what is going on in the Latin American
        institutions. I don't doubt that there is a tidy profit to be
        had in WHC at its current market valuation. Again, it
        is just to miserable a way to make it, for me.

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