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  • Easily_Confused Easily_Confused Jan 31, 2000 2:11 PM Flag

    Goodbye WHC aka POS

    The agony is over; though my ass is sore, and I
    will never believe what a sucky investment this POS
    was, a huge weight and burden has been lifted as I cut
    my losses and sold out of this pile of

    I wish all the best with this investment. My
    fondest wish would be that all who own this sell out, and
    leave the officers holding all of the shares of this
    rattrap, as well as their johnsons, and their net worths
    become miniscule.

    Bitter? You bet your ass I am!
    Relieved? More than I am bitter....

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    • "Unfortunately", I don`t need a tax loss right
      now (God knows I already have enough), or I`d be
      right there with you EASILY. So, I guess I`ll stick it
      out a bit longer, and watch this P. O. S. drop even
      more. The board just won`t be the same without you
      EASILY. YOU, ME and MANBOKING, were three of the
      originals out here. I don`t even see him much anymore. I
      always enjoyed the way he`d stay so optimistic while you
      and I raved like lunatics. Good luck to you EASILY,
      stay in touch via email, it`s

      • 2 Replies to StkrePETER
      • I could never leave this POS's
        like swallowing bubble stays with you for a
        long time!! A mere month or so ago, I thought I would
        buy 100 shares at $10 for my daughter because "this
        can't go any lower", right? She just kicked me out of
        the house, and she's only two! Little does she know
        that when the bank comes to take the house from me
        ('cause my investments in WHC aka POS have turned my net
        worth into squat), she'll be on the curb right along
        side of me, with her 100 shares of WHC aka POS. We'll
        trade them in for two "Super sized" Happy Meals, have
        our final supper, and die a long miserable frozen
        death! Or........
        I could go pitch a tent on the lawn
        of WHC aka POS in sunny Florida, and use their
        office as a homeless shelter.

        Truth be known, I
        will always own some of this POS because there are not
        enough years left in my life (and I'm only 35) to write
        off the loss I would take now if I sold it all out.
        So StkrePETER, stay tuned; I will always have
        comments to cheer up the weary investors of WHC aka


      • The fundamental question will continue to be if
        the privates do not build the facilities, who
        The Local units of government and the fed's
        have other uses for the tax dollars, weather
        republicans or democrats...makes no difference they much
        rather have someone else design, finance and manage

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