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  • buffetts_dartmen buffetts_dartmen Feb 1, 2000 12:39 PM Flag

    As I was saying....WHC going to $5

    see you there. I might buy at $4 but I doubt it. WHat a POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • As it has been said here many times before, with
      all those inflated salaries at corporate in sunny
      fla., why haven't their been ANY open market buys.
      Surely they must all think it's a steal at these
      prices....NOT! They know what you dread...namely, WHC POS is
      overvalued at $8.

      This POS is a short's wet dream.
      Much more downside coming. I see $4 within 2 months.

      Laughing all the way...told you so! Next time listen to

      Easily confused finally got smart.

      • 2 Replies to buffetts_dartmen
      • I have respect for shorts such as todd. Though it
        is late in the game to be shorting whc, its thin
        volume and greatly reduced valuation make it a poor
        risk/reward short in MO. My cost is a little over $9 and plan
        to hold at least a year. There is decent support at
        $8, as a couple of 50k bids popped up chasing the
        stock back up. Picking a bottom is tough on any stock
        whc is no exception. Mgmt is not able to buy at this
        time (quiet period)until after March 14. I would not
        expect mgmt. to initiate a buyback but you can bet they
        will attempt to instill confidence to the
        As for buffets, when the stock broke 11 he promised
        to never return. But here he is. Being a liar is not
        even the worst of it. He has no positions on whc, long
        or short. So while Todd along with the rest of us
        invest our time and $ trying to make a profit, buffets
        tags along like an outcast child seemingly with
        nothing better to do.

      • Abusing the stockholders of WHC will not bring
        back the money you have lost on BEBE. I suppose you
        picked on the weakest kids when you were in (are in?)
        high school - instead of developing remedial social
        skills. Your ego is too large in comparison to your
        standing in life.

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