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  • leprkahn leprkahn Feb 22, 2000 2:23 PM Flag

    a short silence

    I am starting to miss Buffets and Todd. I suppose
    they are busy applying for social security. I can't
    resist re-posting this buffets message (I hope the rest
    of you don't mind)

    "As I was saying....WHC
    going to $5
    by: buffetts_dartmen 2/1/00 12:39
    Msg: 1051 of 1089
    see you there. I might buy at $4
    but I doubt it. WHat a POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

    wonder what he contemplates as he eats his "shorts". LOL
    (I laugh at my own jokes)

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    • Correctional Services Corp out of Sarasota, FL.
      It apppears from the article that the LA (not FL, as
      erroneously reported by me) Judiciary committee is looking
      into WHC operations as they relate to Jena

      Sorry for the confusion. Florida newspaper threw me

    • Was Tallulah one of our facilities? If so please
      point me to WHC statements made at that time. Also
      another thing is not clear to me. Is the Senate Judiciary
      Committee wanting to investigate WHC as a whole, or just
      Jena, or are they investigating corrections in
      Louisiana, of which WHC is just a part?

    • looks like they are just piling on.

      Here's the story:

      The Times-Picayune

      April 1, 2000 Saturday, ORLEANS

      NATIONAL; Pg. A02

      LENGTH: 332 words


      BYLINE: By Ed Anderson and Steve
      Ritea Capital bureau


      The chairman of the Senate
      committee that oversees the state prison system said Friday
      that he wants to know how the Jena Juvenile Justice
      Center became a topic for national discourse and a
      target of federal Justice Department officials, who say
      there is widespread abuse at the facility near

      Sen. Donald Cravins, D-Arnaudville,
      told Richard Stalder, the secretary of the Department
      of Public Safety and Corrections, that he wants
      answers before lawmakers go home after the special
      session ends, probably next week.

      Cravins said
      he will schedule a special meeting of his Senate
      Judiciary B Committee to look into the allegations. He said
      he wants officials from the department and Wackenhut
      Corrections Corp., the private company that operates the jail
      for the state, to attend the meeting.

      Stalder said that if he does not attend, his staff
      members will. Cravins said he has been assured by a
      Wackenhut spokesman that company officials will attend.

      The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday
      amended an existing lawsuit against Louisiana to include
      the Jena jail and Wackenhut.

      It asks that a
      federal judge intervene and correct problems at a jail
      where guards allegedly abuse youths, encourage them to
      fight one another and provide them with inadequate
      medical and educational facilities.

      "We just
      got out of (problems with the juvenile jail in)
      Tallulah," Cravins said after the meeting. "How the hell can
      you fall asleep at the switch again? We have been
      told everything has been taken care of. At least, that
      is the impression we have gotten from corrections"

      Cravins said the state has a legal
      responsibility to monitor the problems and clean them up. "Think
      of the liability alone," he said.

      called the problems at Jena "not only an embarrassment
      to the state, but it is following a pattern of
      conduct in the juvenile justice system. If half of what
      is being said about Jena is true, somebody needs to
      answer for the allegations."

    • The biggest threat to shareholders is the
      mistreatment of "hoodlums". The implications go beyond Jena,
      to Whackenhut as a whole, and the entire private
      corrections industry. The financials are sound, shareholders
      have been well treated here. The perception that
      Whackenhut is ignoring the conditions of the inmates is the
      only thing keeping this shareprice low. Unfortunately,
      the abuse of inmates appears to be a fact. WHC better
      gets its act together and ensure that allegations and
      reports of this sort don't start popping up in our other
      facilities or we could see a bit of a snowball effect. WHC
      could save shareholders a lot of worry if they did
      their job better than standards or expectations.

    • anything about the priorities of WHC? I have never stated that WHC should place hoodlums before shareholders.

    • The priority of WHC should not be to the little hoodlums in LA, but to it's shareholders who have witnessed the deterioation in value of their holdings!

    • In the letter to U.S. District Judge Frank
      Polozola, Whitley notes six more suicide attempts or
      gestures at the Jena center on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26 and
      three "unusual occurrence" reports indicating another
      suicide attempt on March 4, a self-mutilation on March 5,
      and an offender "who swallowed a handful of pills" on
      Feb. 21.

      Wackenhut also denied in Wednesday's
      filing that it was:

      not keeping adequate
      supplies of clothes,
      not feeding the juveniles enough
      not providing enough recreation and
      not properly screening or training employees,
      not keeping proper immunization records.

      Wackenhut objected to Dr. Cohen's "inference" that the
      corporation "is using cheaper, noneffective medications" for
      the juveniles.

      "The inference is offensive and
      purely subjective," Wackenhut wrote.

      also denied its officers are violent with the juvenile

      "This population is criminally violent and
      manipulative," Wackenhut wrote of the Jena center

      Meanwhile, attorneys representing the juvenile offenders in
      the civil rights litigation expressed their
      objections to the Wackenhut response.

      "There's an old
      saying in the law that when you can't attack the facts,
      attack the witness," attorney Nordyke said. "They seem
      to be taking a lot of slaps at the Department of
      Justice consultants."

      Nordyke, of Baton Rouge,
      said, "Wackenhut is being intentionally blind to the
      problems at that facility. It is very hard to ignore the
      number of kids that have been hurt at that facility and
      simply palm it off to 'kids will be kids.'

      David Utter, director of the Juvenile Justice Project
      of Louisiana, was equally critical of the Wackenhut

      "What's the priority here?" Utter asked
      of Wackenhut's promise to spend only the amount of
      money on the Jena center mandated by law and by its
      contracts with state and local agencies.

      priority is not the kids," the New Orleans attorney said
      in an interview. "It's the contract and the profit

      Utter said he recalled the November near-riot, one of
      two serious incidents at the Jena center since it
      opened in December 1998.

      During the November
      incident, seven juveniles were exposed to chemical Pepper
      Mace spray, a chemical grenade and a chemical called
      Liquid Freeze.

      The children were already lying on
      the ground when officers sprayed them with the
      chemicals within six inches of their faces, Utter

      The chemicals are not to be used indoors, Utter said.
      "The reason it's not for use indoors is that people
      can die."

      Wackenhut, in its court response,
      denied any impropriety other than failure to promptly
      inform state Corrections officials and "less than
      adequate response by the nursing staff" to the juveniles
      exposed to the spray.

    • Wackenhut denies complaint
      Company attacks
      federal consultants as biased, wrong
      The Advocate (Baton Rouge)
      Suburban writer

      Wackenhut Corrections Corp. on Wednesday disputed as
      inflammatory, biased, incomplete and wrong the conclusions of
      four U.S. Justice Department consultants who last
      month slammed the for-profit Jena Juvenile Justice

      Wackenhut made its counterclaims in a 32-page executive
      summary filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court at Baton
      Rouge. The summary is the response by the publicly
      traded corporation to a 277-page Justice Department
      report that last month found the Jena center "unsafe,
      violent and inhumane."

      The Justice Department
      report and the Wackenhut response are part of ongoing
      civil rights litigation against the state involving
      public juvenile prisons in Baton Rouge, Bridge City and
      Monroe and for-profit prisons in Tallulah and

      Keith Nordyke, one of the attorneys for the juvenile
      offenders in the civil rights litigation, said he fears
      Wackenhut's court filing may indicate the company's
      willingness to engage in a drawn-out court battle.

      feel very strongly that kids are being hurt up there,"
      Nordyke said in an interview Wednesday. "We want to get
      this resolved and resolved quickly."

      based in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., owns and operates
      the 276-bed Jena center. The state Department of
      Public Safety and Corrections pays about $7 million a
      year to house juveniles from throughout the state at
      the center.

      Wackenhut, represented by the
      Baton Rouge law firm of Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson,
      asserted in its response that:

      The conclusions of
      Nancy Ray, the Justice Department's expert on prison
      violence, are "inflammatory, incomplete, and misrepresented
      figures" and her report is "anything but an objective
      The conclusions of Paul DeMuro, a corrections
      expert, are "obviously biased;"
      The report by Dr.
      Michael Cohen, the pediatrician who examined the center's
      medical and dental care programs, contains "examples of
      gross generalizations and innuendo" that include
      "professionally offensive statements ... which could be
      interpreted as approaching professional slander;" and
      conclusions of Dr. Kathleen Quinn, a child and adolescent
      psychiatrist, are incorrect.
      The Justice Department experts
      inspected the Jena center on Jan. 3-7 and Jan.

      Wackenhut said in the report that it retained its own
      experts -- James Austin, a U.S. Justice Department
      monitor for the Georgia juvenile corrections system, and
      Michael Mahoney, a consultant in criminal justice and
      management -- to review the Jena center.

      said it plans to file its experts' report in the court
      record at a later date.

      Wackenhut also questioned
      Justice Department claims that juveniles were attempting
      suicide or mutilating themselves to escape violence from
      other juveniles and security officers.

      fail to indicate whether these (eight) cases were
      youths attempting to manipulate the system for self-gain
      or whether they were incidents of true suicidal
      ideation," Wackenhut wrote.

      The Wackenhut response
      does not address a March 9 letter filed in the federal
      court record from court-appointed prisons expert John

    • It is hard to conceive of why this share price
      has been so reluctant to move in the upwards
      direction. I can empathise with Easily-confused and
      Manboking and a few others who have been with this one on
      the long haul. My initial enthusiasm last fall has
      been tempered by the decline in my portfolio value. I
      too have wondered about the effect of the
      presidential race, but neither of the front runners are any
      threat to the privatisation of prisons. The odd thing is
      that pres election years are generally times for a
      boom in the stock market. However, if you take out the
      high tech effect the market has been in decline for
      the past year. I decided to increase my holdings in
      WHC at 9 3/4 but I may have to buy a little higher
      because the price now seems reluctant to dip there. With
      certain portions of the market teetering on collapse it
      is nice to have shares in something that is as
      secure as a government bond issue with 6 times the

    • it has been a month and the stock appears to be anchored to single digits....any more predictions?

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