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  • leprkahn leprkahn Mar 1, 2000 11:59 PM Flag

    who says crime don't pay!?

    onwards and upwards. You could hear a pin drop on
    this message board though. I don't know if anyone did
    a follow up on any of the firms mentioned some time
    ago by iiiinformed (message 1016) ignoring the stupid
    ones I posted like mstr. Anyhow, if anyone knows
    anything about crdt, I just caught a news release that
    looks good but received little attention from
    investors. A penny for your thoughts, anyone. I must stay
    diversified even when sure things, like whc, are out there.

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    • It is interesting once a stock starts a steady
      move upward how the shorts just disappear. Based on
      some of their posts about a month ago this stock
      should be trading at $4 to $5. I am fairly new to this
      (6 months or so) but I have learned one thing, and
      that is, at least 75 percent of the posts on most
      boards are completely worthless rumor, dreck and

      On one board I follow there are 40 to 60
      messages a day. Most of it is name calling, insults, and
      recipes. Many posts have absolutely nothing to do with the
      stock. It has gotten so bad that I simply go through the
      message list and open about 1/10th of the posts.

      This board has had some good info, and I hope it
      continues to be a good resource.

      Let's keep our
      fingers crossed that WHC keeps going up!

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