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  • surfvest surfvest May 10, 2000 11:45 AM Flag


    Very enlightening post... I now have a better
    understanding of why the stock price is so low relative to the
    published fundementals.

    In all fairness, some
    similar problems have occurred at the state prisons here
    in California. At two state prisons which house
    "problem inmates", there have been charges of arranged
    "gladiator" fights. There have also been numerous charges of
    prisoner mistreatment by guards. I can not remember
    reading anything about problems in juvenile centers,

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    • facilities in CA (sex with staff, assaults, etc)

      And yes, your're absolutely right about the problems
      in CA public prisons. In fact, the US Attorney's
      Office is in federal court right now in Fresno
      prosecuting 8 guards for the "gladiator" stuff.

      looks like they will all be acquitted, though. Tough to
      convict cops in CA's Central Valley for killing a
      gang-banger rapist from Los Angeles.

      Again, my post
      was not meant to be fair. It was meant to provide
      information. One can point the finger to the public sector and
      say the public is doing this or that as well, so
      what's the big deal? Problem with that is the public
      doesn't need investors to keep operating.

      If a
      private firm screws up, they can lose their contract,
      stock value and investor confidence. Although this may
      be "unfair" if the public prison screws up, changes
      may be forced on the public department, but chances
      are the inmates won't be going anywhere.

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      • none of our posts are actually "fair", and that
        is the point that I have been trying to make, we
        will be hammered, justified or not.
        We are in a
        very tenuous position here as we
        stay with a company who has grown too fast, or do we
        bail, or do we stay with a system that has inherent
        risks that chooses to go to areas with troubled waters,
        such as New Mexico, Texas (Ruez),Louisiana(Federal
        oversight in juvenile facilities prior to WCC)......Give
        Zoley credit he has not picked the cheesecake for

        But, unfortunately, we stockholders suffer......there
        is more to come!!!!!And you saw it here first!

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