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  • alwaysquestion1 alwaysquestion1 May 12, 2000 6:14 AM Flag

    Problems? Look at People

    The problems that are experienced by WHC have
    more to do with people than any other

    People in Prison for incorrect behavior.

    working in Prison's with incorrect

    Difference, the one with the handcuffs got caught, the one
    with the baton has not gotten caught.

    problems can be adequately addressed, and perhaps it is
    time to revise Managements approach to pay and benefit
    packages, and more selective screening of potential

    Not merely hiring someone because they have no
    criminal record, this can also mean that this person just
    never got caught for negative behavior.

    attract the best qualified to these jobs, you must have
    the proper pay and incentive packages to recruit and
    keep good people that 'watch' the store, when upper
    management is otherwise occupied.

    I think it
    important to realize that many of these problems could have
    been prevented by middle management, if they took a
    more active role in the day to day activities of their
    lower-level employees.

    Their also has to be a greater
    focus on putting inmates to work everyday, for we
    know,'idle hands are the Devils workshop.'

    The vast
    majority of the incarcerated WILL be released at some
    point in time, this is inevitable. Unless they continue
    negative behavior patterns while incarcerated, they will
    someday be thrust back into society at large. Working at
    a job while incarcerated should not be a 'hit or
    miss', proposition, and merely setiing up warehouses for
    inmates, is a losing proposition as well.

    sometimes have to spend money to make money, if you operate
    prisons, 'on the cheap', you will reap the harvest from
    the seeds you sow.

    I believe upper
    mannagement knows this, it will be difficult to implement,
    however, if accomplished, then the share price will
    reflect this fact.

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