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  • prisonet prisonet May 15, 2000 4:41 PM Flag

    Why history is bound............

    to repeat itself.

    One wonders why Dr.
    Zoley, with his ingenious management skills, is
    reinventing the wheel. Why were things allowed to get out of
    hand in the first place? Sound corporations would have
    had these things plugged in from the get go. Yet,
    here we have management with its "warm fuzzies" to
    allay the fears of the stakeholders. Dr. Zoley can't
    feign innocence in these happenings. Successful
    resolutions will require some heads to roll from the
    corporate level to regional regional directors. Training
    will have to be implemented on a broader scale and
    worker ants will have to be paid a decent

    That being said and those things implemented, the cost
    of privatization, done right, will cost more than
    publicly run facilities.

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    • Message subject should have read: Jwestt: don't
      forget the "soucer".
      This being from a previous post
      where I tried to let him know that words mean
      things.....mistakes and misspellings detract from an otherwise
      intelligent position.
      PS We all make mistakes's when
      we don't admit them that we are found at fault.

    • You got to love all the "input" you read here!
      The bottom line is this company sucks and will
      continue to flounder until they realize that it is good,
      sound management that makes company's hum, not who they
      think the "client" will accept as appropriate
      In Manboking's defense he is a wonderful cheerleader
      and seems to know all the right technical
      jargon......but we have to have a coach who can pick the right
      players for this game! Tealeaves indeed!

    • so what? I guess as a longterm investor you're
      happy with that trading range. ive watched my stock go
      from 20 to 7 with all of its great news in between.
      Stop telling that girl about breakouts based on your
      teacup analysis. You might as well start reading

    • that yesterday's big volume and big drop was the
      result of "insiders" knowing about the First Analysis
      Securities downgrade. The downgrade on today's Yahoo info.
      page resulted in a volume about a third of yesterday.
      The writeoff is old news and shouldn't have shaken
      the stock price. The downgrade was unexpected. This
      will all pass in time. . . . .

    • EOM

    • On June 5th., the downtrend was halted and a new
      trend began developing. Later on July we tested support
      again at 7.187.

      On July 13th. we obtained the
      third long term monthly Stochatics "BUY SIGNAL". We
      then made a second "cup and handle" formation broke to
      the upside validating the Buy Signal.

      August 3rd., we then tested support this time at 8.00
      stablishing a new trading range between 8.00 and 9.50

    • Manbooking:

      This stock has been in steady
      decline for years now, along with pzn, cscq etc. Not so
      great when WHC, the McDonalds of accommodations for
      hoodlums, can't show future growth. After being out of
      fashion for a while, this stock was poised for an uptick
      - maybe people would start going back into it. But
      not now. In addition, the WHC board, with all their
      great news only added to the decline. I was hoping that
      with this first bad news the stock would pop.

    • JWestt,...Since when does one day make a market?.


    • Dear Lisa,...todays action is actually a rehash
      of old news, about the Jena deal, till we get the
      place rented again.

      The need for facilities is
      not going to go away on the contrary as the economy
      gets worst crime increases. And the other part about
      the increases in costs, that does come in to play in
      to the longer term picture, and contracts can be
      re-bid when the time comes and pass on the extra

      Today the weak holders of the stock sold, and tomorrow
      the professionals will step to the'll see.

    • Manbo is the last person you should listen to. The stock is through in the long-term. My hope is over, and I am going to take my substantial losses like a man.

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