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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Jun 15, 2000 5:17 PM Flag


    And, you are so right. Everytime you kept
    throwing YOUR good money after bad by doubling up, I used
    to give you hell Then, I totally go and loose all my
    marbles and do exactly what I always criticized you for
    doing. I can go to the Bahamas with $3000 for the
    weekend, loose $2000, come home with the other $1000
    instead of trying to chase my moneybut I can`t walk away
    from this damn (W)holely (H)ellacious (C)ompany. I`m
    just looknig for the "teens" EASAILY, put this P.O.S
    over $12 for one minute, and I`m outta here like
    Nicolas Cage - GONE IN 60 SECONDS.

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    • If nothing else, this board is bi-polar. You have
      the technical people who are mapping and charting
      (probably very sophisticated, but in the end, have lost as
      much as I have on this POS). Conversely, you have the
      lunatics, who know nothing about converging vectors, and
      oscillating, trans-disecting downward spirals, but bought this
      POS because the most basic of indicators said it was
      on the right track. The best thing about everyone,
      however, is that misery loves company, and we are all
      miserable at this company. Ergo, a common cause is a
      uniting, and often humorous, event. I hate this company; I
      like the humor; and somehow, by the grace of God, I
      own zero shares of this POS.

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