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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Jun 6, 2000 5:43 PM Flag


    It has been a very long time since I posted here
    on the WHC a.k.a. POS board. I see MANBO and a few
    others are still here. I`m not about to start reading
    all the posts I`ve missed. I did however take a look
    at EASILY CONFUSED`s last post. I guess he couldn`t
    take it anymore and dumped. Well, at least he didn`t
    slash his wrist or jump off of a building. If you
    should happen to peek in here and read this
    EASILY...........let me say a quick hello and an even quicker "I told
    you so". I miss the good old days when even though we
    were losing our shirts, you and I at least were able
    to laugh at it........ If any of you old timers
    remember my post titled "the top ten dumbest things I ever
    did", well I gotta tell you I have a new number one
    dumbest thing I ever did...............I just doubled up
    on this POS. I can`t believe I just admitted that.
    Please, don`t anyone tell my wife, or I won`t need to
    slash my wrist, she will do it for me.
    Do I have a
    renewed faith in this POS? NOPE! Just looking to make the
    jump a little shorter. Soon as I see the teens, I`m a
    gonner and unlike EASILY CONFUSED, I`m never coming back
    even for a peek. Just like me, I know this POS will
    never see the twenties again, but at least the teens
    may be reachable. GOOD LUCK to you all

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    • I'm not much to reveal in the sense I'm just a
      poor slob investor with enought knowledge in this
      stuff to be dangerous. No, I'm sorry I didn't mean for
      you to reveal yourself, just whether you were a
      corrections person or not. Don't worry about it.

      never did reveal who unvailed LT. I do remember the
      poster disappeared.

      Email me at you can set up an email yourself there if you
      want. I'm still interested in your thoughts on the CPV
      and the pref. A of PZN. Forgeting the identity


    • Peter, Peter, are you a freakin' idiot? The Ft
      Lauderdale sun has gotten to your brain. I had finally come
      to the conclusion that this POS will drive a person
      right into one of WHC's aka POS's poorly run
      institutions for a little rape/abuse/bunga-bunga! Two days
      after I finally sold out, and waved goodbye to the
      $12,000 I lost on this flea bitten dog over the last 5
      years, I caught the nice report on 20/20( or a similiar
      show) of how WHC aka POS mismanaged the LA prtison, and
      drove a poor girl to kill herself due to the abuse she
      endured at the hands of one of WHC aka POS "guards".
      These guys are freakin' rent-a-cops with nightsticks
      and guns, with as much knowledge in security as I
      have making $$$ on this POS.....none!

      I got
      out, and check now and then to see if I made a bad
      decision. Gues what Peter.....this is a POS, and will
      remain a POS. I hope and pray everyone gets even on this
      dog. As for me, I'm happier having lost $12K, than
      having to live a life of continuous anger as I watched
      this puppy die a slow death. Stay in touch my friend,
      and good luck to all.

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      • And, you are so right. Everytime you kept
        throwing YOUR good money after bad by doubling up, I used
        to give you hell Then, I totally go and loose all my
        marbles and do exactly what I always criticized you for
        doing. I can go to the Bahamas with $3000 for the
        weekend, loose $2000, come home with the other $1000
        instead of trying to chase my moneybut I can`t walk away
        from this damn (W)holely (H)ellacious (C)ompany. I`m
        just looknig for the "teens" EASAILY, put this P.O.S
        over $12 for one minute, and I`m outta here like
        Nicolas Cage - GONE IN 60 SECONDS.

      • To date WHC has purchased 1.302mm shares at a
        cost of $21.04mm or an average of $16.16/shr. If
        management felt it was accretive at that $16 then certainly
        1/2 the price would do it.

        Of course the
        problem with stock buy-back is when they don't work to
        support the price or are used to hide declining profit
        margins. Now that CPV will not be purchasing much from WHC
        any more I would expect the end of this pratice. And
        rightfully so, IMO. I'd save my dough for some mergers.

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