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  • surfvest surfvest Dec 12, 2000 12:29 AM Flag


    Mcprison is posting stories previously published
    in the media. I find them valuable since they help
    explain the depressed stock price.

    WHC is selling
    near book value. Since WHC's book value primarily
    measures the depreciated value of their furniture and
    similar physical assets, the company is essentially
    selling for free. Free as in no dollars.

    though the company clearly has serious problems, the
    free price has attracted the attention of bargain
    hunters. Remember, they are leasing most of their prisons
    from CPV. They don't own prisons. They design,
    contruct and manage them. They don't appear to do a
    brilliant job, but the almost free price is not a bad

    Remember, vultures live off dead meat.
    Meat doesn't have to be fresh to be a meal.

    you want a gourmet dining experience, look elsewhere.
    If you are a hungry vulture, check out WHC. It
    stinks, it is half rotten, but it is a meal.

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